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Behind the Scenes with Children's Book Author Bob Staake

The Donut Chef
We chatted with renowned children's book author and illustrator Bob Staake, whose passion for picture books is contagious!


Help! My Husband Might Take Away My Debit Card!

debit card
I spend too much money, and I suck at math. This is not good for my checkbook.


One Mom's Mission: To Keep Daughters 'Pure'

teenage girl
"Sex is sacred. Sex is serious. Sex is for married people only." That's how I teach it in my house, and ain't no one gonna change my mind.


A Different Breed of Fundraisers

garage sale
If your neighbors have placed a sign at their front door that reads, "Do NOT ask me to buy anything!" you know you have gone overboard on fundraising for your local PTA, kids' soccer team and after-school programs. Here are some fun ways to raise money without causing a rift between you and your neighbors .... 


5 Books Every Mom Should Read

woman reading a book
While reorganizing my books recently, I found some titles I'm never going to get rid of. Some I keep for the giggles they give me; some are intense fiction; some are filled with knowledge about child rearing. My five faves have gotten me through some rough times, and I thought I should share them with you. 


Rush Week: A Warning

woman with markings
Although some Greek organizations are respectable and focus more on service than submission, I heard my share of "secrets" -- and I now know what to warn both my sons and daughter against. Read on!


I Live with a Teenage Drama KING!

teenage boy
Having grown up with a sister, I just assumed that teen drama was reserved for girls. I didn't realize that boys' self-esteems could hit rock bottom, too. I had no idea of the range of emotions we would visit in our home in a 24-hour timeframe. 


Cheapskate Mom

woman holding out coins
We just did the back-to-school shopping. My kids wanted Hollister, Aero and Abercrombie. Funny, they had no interest in paying for any of it ....