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Teaching Kids Perseverance

Teaching kids perseverance
Five years ago, I wrote my first picture book. I had no idea what I was doing. And five years and a whole slew of writing classes and critique groups later, I still have nothing published. Did I quit? No. Why? Because my father taught me "Kempers don't quit" -- and I want to pass that on.


Hose + Sidewalk Chalk = Sanity

chalk on a sidewalk
Once you have children, you find yourself doing things your childless friends will never understand. If I stood back and thought about many things that happen on a daily basis, I might think I have lost my marbles. But sometimes, you just have to go with the flow.


SAHM Wants to Get a 9-to-5 Job ... Or Does She?!

woman daydreaming
My schedule would be cake! Get up, shower (Holy crap! I'd get a shower every day!) and walk out the door (no packing lunches, no last-minute homework help) to a quiet car ... uh, a quiet car?!


My First-Month-of-School Staycation

woman reading

I have declared September to be National Moms' Staycation Month! Whether your kiddos are off to a couple-hours-a-week preschool or you've done the dorm drop-off (or anything in between), this month is for you!


You Found a WHAT on My WHERE?!

woman at gynecologist

I don't know anyone who likes going to the only place where it is acceptable for a man or woman who is NOT your significant other to ask you to put your knees behind your ears while they ... well, you get it.


Mommy's Back-to-School To-Do List

to do list

Along with the anticipation of back-to-school and all the excitement that goes with it, there is a lot of preparation for D-Day. I, for one, have a to-do list longer than the school bus.


SING IT!: The 'Twelve Days 'til School Starts' Song

school bus

While I've been trudging along through the last few weeks of summer vacation, a song has been building in my head. A ballad of sorts. When I think of all the things I have to do to get my kids ready to go back to school, I am overwhelmed with how much time I DON'T have ....


Kate and Her Flock ... of Chickens?

Kate Gosselin

I am a big Kate Gosselin fan -- not because she is famous, but because I admire her strength, her commitment to her kids and her resilience. Yeah, I said it!