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I Survived My 40th Birthday!


Just a few weeks ago, I turned the dreaded 40! I decided that instead of staying in bed and crying all day, I would make a list of the important things I'd realized.


WTH Is Up with Your Facebook Status?

WTH is Up with Your Facebook Status?

We all waste time on Facebook. But this week, I found myself screaming "WTH?!" at my screen when I caught a glimpse of what some of my own Facebook friends were sharing with the world!


Meatless Mom: Easing Into Animal-Free Eating

Meatless mom

I have always dreamed of having the energy and know-how to go full vegan, but with kids and time crunches, I never thought it would happen.


'I Survived a Tornado!'

I Survived a Tornado

When the storm started, my kids and I watched out the patio door as the swings on our cedar playset went wild. Then the hail came, followed by waves of water that flowed around the bottom of the closed door, over our feet and across the kitchen floor.


The Baby Is WHERE?

The baby is where?

San Antonio bus driver Mike Hubbard got the shock of a lifetime when driving his bus down a dark side street just after midnight: Something was sitting in the middle of the road. He slammed on his brakes to avoid hitting that something -- which turned out to be 1-year-old Destiny Flores, dressed only in a diaper and sitting comfortably on the double yellow line.


Sick to Death of Kids Being Bullied to Death

Phoebe Prince and Carl Walker Hoover

When my son entered fifth grade, something changed the life of my super-happy kid. It started with verbal insults, but quickly ended with, "I will bring a gun tomorrow and shoot you." Luckily, my son has me -- and I am quick to listen and intervene. But what about the millions of kids around the country who have no one -- and no laws -- to protect them?


I'm Happy Sandra Adopted Domestically -- I Did, Too!

Sandra Bullock

I had never given that much thought to domestic versus international adoption -- until we had our first foster-care placement. We recently celebrated our third child's second adoption day, and now I have an opinion. I saw Sandra Bullock and her beautiful baby on the cover of PEOPLE magazine this week, and when I read that Louie had been born in New Orleans, I have to say it made their obvious union a bit sweeter for me.


Predatorial Mortgage Schemes: A Single Mom's Story

melissa miller house

In 2006, in a small Amish town in southeastern Pennsylvania, a single mom of two signed on the dotted line. Having a college degree in business, she had covered all her bases and was certain that her plan to refinance was the best option for her family. What followed was years of fraud, scheming and a nightmare that Melissa Miller is still not free from.