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12 Baby Products for Dads?

When we had our son, Luke, we received a ton of very thoughtful presents from friends and family. It inspired me to come up with 12 products somebody should invent.


12 Things I'll Do for My Wife for Mother's Day

Since I can't think of the perfect gift, I'll do -- or get -- her 12 things that I hope will add up to something special.


Movies I Saw as a Kid (That I Shouldn't Have)

scared looking girl watching tv

I've been thinking about all the inappropriate movies my parents brought me to when I was a kid, presumably because they couldn't get a sitter. Some are good, grown-up films -- just probably not what a kid in kindergarten wants to see. C'mon, tell the truth ... have you ever taken your kids to an inappropriate movie?


Preschool Musical

parents inside a classroom

When I was a kid, I went to nursery school at 4, then kindergarten at 5, and the rest is pretty much a blur. I'd never heard the term "2's program" before -- until a few months ago, and even then I assumed it was some sort of diet involving Activia Yogurt.


Daddy Dozen: My Kid Needs a Costume!

I can't wait to take our son Luke out trick-or-treating. The question is: what should a 6-month-old boy dress up as for Halloween? Seriously, my wife can't decide on anything, but here are our Top 12 Infant Halloween Costume choices. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


The Uncle Question

man holding his chin
When I was a kid, there were a handful of my parents' friends who were elevated to "Uncle" or "Aunt" status despite their lack of any shared bloodlines. But there should be some ground rules before dropping the "U"-bomb.


The Daddy Switch

angry old geyser

The story about that horrible jackass who slapped a kid in Walmart was oddly timed to something that, unfortunately, happened to me the same week.


2's Be, or Not 2's Be?

parents laughing on a preschool tour with angry principal
Of all the surreal things that have transpired during 16 months of fatherhood, the most surreal occurred earlier this week, when I made an appointment to tour... A PRESCHOOL.