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Scaring the Shot Out of Me!

Shortly after his first birthday, Luke has had a rough month. First, he had to endure a trip to my family's in Canada, which for reasons unknown, gave us all diarrhea. Then, he and I both got non-swine flu, back-to-back, which gave him some of the nastiest boogers I've ever seen, anywhere.


What the $%!& Did That Kid Just Say?

baby looking at womans butt saying nice a$$

This past weekend, we took Luke to visit our family in Montreal. Other than the swine flu we got, we all had a pleasant time. Except for Saturday morning.


12 Things I Learned This Year

toddler handling lottery scratch tickets

We made it! Luke turned one last week. I learned very quickly (from outraged parents) that scratch lottery tickets are not an appropriate item for a gift bag. This is just one of the many things I learned this year -- here are 12 others.


We Broke Our Baby!

Even though we're about as qualified to be parents as Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin, my wife and I have gone a year without any major baby-related accidents. Until this past Saturday when Luke fell off the bed face first.


12 Worst Baby Birthday Party Themes

Luke turns 1 in a few weeks, and we're stressing out over planning his birthday party. So I decided that I'd come up with the worst themes possible. Here now are the "12 Worst Baby Birthday Party Themes."


Why I'm Not at a Bachelor Party This Weekend

I love bachelor parties. Why? To put it simply, bachelor parties usually involve some combination of steak dinners, gambling, strippers, and other hedonistic activity. But all that changed when I had a kid.


12 Things I Can't Wait to Get Rid of This Spring

With a 10-month-old on the scene, some tough choices must be made with our stuff. Certain things need to go. Here now, the 12 Things I Can't Wait to Get Rid of This Spring.


12 Oscar Categories for Babies

Sunday night is Oscar night! And while Hollywood spends four plus hours congratulating itself, I thought that if there were such a thing as the Baby Oscars.