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No Valentine's Day For This Dad!

One of the best things about getting married is that you no longer have to celebrate it. Am I right, ladies?


Forget Facebook! 12 Random Things About Me

I've decided to atone for refusing to participate in the "25 Facts" fun on Facebook with "12 Completely True Random Facts About Me (and my son)."


Super Bowl -- With Baby!

This Sunday will mark my first Super Bowl as a dad. Before I became a father, I'd always imagined watching the big game with my kid and got all misty. In honor of this weekend, here are "12 Ways Your Baby Can Enhance the Super Bowl" (Please note the Super Bowl-themed roman numerals).


Help! Dad Needs Your Advice!

This week, I'm asking you, the momlogic community, to help me out with some answers to "12 Burning Questions from a Semi-Competent Dad." I'm looking forward to your advice!


Who Would Raise My Kid?

Last week, I fell down some stairs in a subway station, and although I'm fine, for a brief instant my life flashed before my eyes. Afterward, I started thinking to myself, "Who would raise my son if -- God forbid -- something happened to us?"


Dad's 12 Ways to Keep New Year's Resolutions

It's right around now that most well-intentioned people have kissed their New Year's resolutions goodbye. Their will has broken and they've had that cigarette, that doughnut, or that marathon session of online pornography. Not me! This year, I set the bar a bit lower, and made some realistic goals for myself. Here now, "12 Easy to Keep New Year's Resolutions for Dads".


12 Things I Learned on My Vacation

My wife and I very shrewdly decided to skip the holidays and insanity at either of our families houses, and instead went to a lovely resort in Florida with our baby, just the three of us (crappy economy = desperate hotels = good deals!) There were a bunch of things we learned on our first long trip with Luke. Hence, the "12 Things I Learned on My Winter Vacation."


Daddy Dozen -- Mom Takes Over!

Not too happy with the way she's been depicted in his blogs, Paul Starke's wife has taken over his column this week. Check out this week's hilarious column.