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12 Worst Baby-Related Movies and TV Shows

Why one dad hates watching baby-related shows after having a child.


12 Gifts This Dad Wants for the Holidays

The day after Thanksgiving -- aka "Black Friday" -- is the unofficial kickoff of the holiday shopping season. Assuming the economy weren't in the pooper, here are the "12 Gifts This Dad Wants for the Holidays."


12 Things I'm Thankful for This Year

Guest blogger Paul Starke: As I approach my first Thanksgiving as a Dad (not counting Canadian Thanksgiving, which was in October), I've begun to reflect on all the things for which I'm grateful this year. Not on the list: going to my wife's high school reunion in Boston next week, during which I'm likely to get roughed up by someone named "Sully." In any case, here are "12 Things I'm Thankful For This Year."


Taking Time for What's Important

I was all set to finish off a whimsical column about how much I enjoy children's birthday parties, when I received some very sad news. Barbara Joseph, my mother's best friend, and a woman who in many ways helped raise me, passed away last night.


12 Things My Baby Would Do if He Were President

With the election only days away, we've been watching a lot of cable news in our house lately. Luke, who's only six months old, loves it. He's immediately soothed by Barack Obama's dulcet tones, yet always starts crying/vomiting whenever John McCain does those gnarled and creepy "air quotes." Needless to say, I think Luke may have a future in politics. This got me thinking--could a 6-month old baby somehow become President of the United States? He couldn't do worse than the current administration.


12 Reasons I Hate Couples Playdates

If a stranger approached you on the street, demanded your phone number and asked to be your friend, would you do it? Of course not, because that's insane and it violates the basic tenets of human interaction. However, now that we have a baby, other couples with babies spontaneously come up to us with the intent of striking up a manufactured friendship.


Daddy Dozen: 'I Better Get Credit for This!'

Guest blogger Paul Starke: I love my wife, Melissa. She is beautiful, hilarious, sexy, brilliant and a wonderful wife and mom. She can also be batcrap crazy sometimes. This morning, she got angry with me because -- without being asked -- I put away the baby's laundry. I thought I was doing her a favor, but apparently, I put the laundry away INCORRECTLY.


Daddy Dozen: My Kid Needs a Costume!

Guest blogger Paul Starke: I can't wait to take our son Luke out trick-or-treating. The question is: what should a six-month-old boy dress up as for Halloween? Seriously, my wife can't decide on anything, but here are our Top 12 Infant Halloween Costume choices. Any input would be greatly appreciated.