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12 Ways New Dads Can Save Money

Guest Blogger Paul Starke: It used to be that whenever I'd be watching TV, and I'd see a story on the economy -- I'd change the channel. I didn't get it, didn't care, and would much rather be watching "SportsCenter" anyway. But since I became a Dad, that's all changed.


I Have a Love/Hate Relationship with Granny

On Friday, Grandma #1 comes to visit from Canada, which will be slightly annoying but manageable. The next day, however, Grandma #2 is popping in as well, from Boston. We are facing the perfect storm of Grandmas. This week's Daddy Dozen: The 12 Things I Love/Hate About Grandmother Visits.


12 Things I Never Have to Do Again

As any new parent will tell you, having a baby means new responsibilities that are rewarding, yes--but also exhausting and time consuming. But what I didn't realize is that in addition to the joys fatherhood has given me, it's ALSO given me carte blanche to stop doing activities I barely tolerated before.