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Michelle Obama Talks Fat

the obamas

Michelle Obama is once again on the chopping block -- except this time, it's for using the F-word.


It's Not Swinging If You're Committed!

two women and one man

Most nights, Matt Bullen's 7-year-old son sleeps at home with his mom and dad, except for the nights when he sleeps at his dad's girlfriend's house. The arrangement works well because his mom's boyfriend lives there, too. Actually, his mom's boyfriend is married to his dad's girlfriend. Confused? Don't worry, that's just par for the course in polyamorist households.


Arrogant Americans Deserve Haiti's Wrath

The Haitian government is taking a tough stance on the group who allegedly tried to abduct 33 children from their parents and home country.


How I Parent is None of Your Business!

The Real Housewives of Orange County
After watching a recent episode of "Real Housewives of Orange County," I've realized the best response for gabbers eager to give parenting advice is: Back off!


Activist: Haitian Missionaries Knew It Was Illegal

soldiers in haiti

Is this a case of human trafficking or do-gooders who failed to cross the t's and dot the i's? You be the judge.


Olympic Champ Picabo Street on Being a Mom

picabo street

Picabo Street, the Olympic champion who won Americans over with her sunny smile and phenomenal skill on the slopes, is now a 38-year-old wife and mom, chasing after three boys when she's not taking care of her horses. We sat down with her to talk about sports and raising a blended family.


Hey Pediatrician, No Candy for My Kid!

doctor with lollipop

The pediatrician should be a safe haven where kids are rewarded (in healthy ways) for taking care of their bodies -- not simply another way station for them to get their candy fix.


Infertility Takes a Huge Toll

pregnancy test

Couples who struggle to get pregnant find their friendships with others strained, their self-esteem battered, and their relationships under stress, according to a recent survey.