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kids studying
Study groups encourage new friendships, build camaraderie and improve academic success. Organizing a productive study group takes a little planning and supervision on the parent's part, but once the group's underway, it can make the learning process fun and productive.


Teen Claims Nose Stud Expresses Religious Beliefs

Ariana Iacono
Here's a new one: A North Carolina teenager sued her high school for violating her religious rights when they told her to take her nose stud out.


Maybe Your Teen Really Can't Hear You

teen girl listening to music
One in five teens has at least some hearing loss, according to a new study. The number of kids with slight hearing loss has increased by 30 percent in the past 15 years, and the number of kids with serious hearing loss has increased by a jaw-dropping 77 percent. Experts are pointing their fingers at one likely culprit: iPods and other MP3 players.


Feds Find that Pampers Don't Cause Rash

baby with diapers
A federal investigation into Pampers Dry Max diapers did not find a link between the new line of diapers and diaper rash, investigators said today.


Dangerous Jungle Gyms

Jungle gym

When Ninoska Castellanos took her 2 1/2-year-old to an indoor play gym, she assumed her daughter would get to burn off a little steam. It never occurred to her that little Emma might leave the gym with a broken leg.


Starting Kindergarten at Age 6

birthday candle
More parents are deciding to delay kindergarten for a year, so their kids will have a leg up at school and be more mature when they start. Makes sense, right? But here's the pickle: The kids who start on time at age 5 are suddenly finding themselves being the youngest kid in class -- and are having trouble keeping up.


Jennifer Aniston Evokes Wrath of Turkey-Baster-Bashing Andrea Peyser

Jennifer Aniston
A turkey baster is a bad substitute for love -- or so says Andrea Peyser of the New York Post. The perpetually cranky columnist is red-hot mad at Jennifer Aniston for suggesting that a single woman won't necessarily ruin her life if she chooses to have a baby solo.


Moms 'Friend' Their Teens, but the Feeling's Probably Not Mutual

woman using computer
More than 70 percent of parents are online "friends" with their kids, but nearly 30 percent of teens would unfriend their parents if they could -- and mom is the one they want to see go, with twice as many teens saying that, given the choice, they'd unfriend mom before dad. Ouch!