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Mom Finds Kidnapped Kids ... and They Hate Her

This is such a sad, sad story. Two kids are suddenly without the only father they've ever known (who is now jailed), and have been taught to revile the mother who's spent so many years dreaming of this day.


Study: Kids Who Move Are Scarred for Life!

kid with moving boxes

A new study has found that kids who move a lot in childhood tend to be unhappier adults. Well, that's one way to make a mom feel guilty ....


Bedbugs: A Traveler's Unwelcome Companion

Bed bug
All this talk about bedbugs at the height of summer travel season makes a girl wonder how she can keep the bloodsucking pests out of her suitcase. There are ways to travel safe, even in a bedbug-infested town like New York or San Francisco or Chicago.


Mom Gives Birth to "Black and White" Twins

Black and White Twins

The chances of giving birth to a black twin and a white twin are a million to one, yet Britain's Carole Fraser was so certain that her babies would be literally biracial that she called them "Salt" and "Pepper" when they were in the womb.


Kids Going Crazy for Onions ... Here's Why!

Vidalia Onions

During your next trip to the grocery store with the kids, don't be surprised if you get an unexpected request for onions. Yes, onions. Kids have been going nuts for the aromatic bulb ever since Vidalia onions teamed up with Shrek to market the latest "Jolly Green Ogre" flick.


Preschoolers Gone Wild

kid tantrum

It was "Helicopter Parents Gone Wild" at one Brooklyn, N.Y., preschool this past school year. In the end, the head teacher sent out a missive telling brazen parents, "In my entire 12 years of teaching, I have never experienced such an ineffective and distressing chain of events."


To Drink or Not to Drink While Preggers

pregnant woman

In the United States, complete abstention is the general rule for pregnant women. But that's not true in countries like France, which endorse more lenient policies that suggest a drink a night is just fine.


Sperm-Donor Babies Are Not So Happy

sad baby

We spend a lot of time talking about the emotional well-being of adoptive children. There are laws to protect them, to give them access to their birth parents and countless studies conducted about their development.