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Pregnant? Have a Drink!

pregnant woman holding wine glass

If there's one thing every pregnant woman knows, it's to keep off the booze until the baby comes. But new research has found that knocking back a glass of Chardonnay when you're pregnant may actually benefit your baby.


Neurotic Women Have More Babies

Being a totally neurotic stress case is good for something after all. Apparently, it turns you into a virtual baby-making machine.


No Seats for Pregnant Ladies

pregnant woman
The reason why no one stands up for pregnant ladies on the bus isn't because the world is full of a bunch of selfish jerks with sore feet. It's because most people can't seem to tell the difference between a baby bump and a big belly.


They Closed My Town's Public Swimming Pool!

Swimming pool closed

The public pools in Montclair -- my suburban New Jersey town -- were supposed to open for the summer on Memorial Day weekend. But budget cuts changed all that.


Facebook: The Best Way to Catch a Cheater

shocked woman

Facebook has taken on a new role as the eyes and ears for divorce lawyers trying to win their cases. If you're cheating on your husband, don't post the pictures on Facebook!


Kelly Preston: New Baby, New Beginnings?

John Travolta and Kelly Preston
When John Travolta and Kelly Preston announced that they're expecting a new baby, many hailed the news as a blessing for a family that has endured such an unspeakable loss. Some psychologists, however, aren't so sure that a new baby is always the right thing for a family reeling from grief.


Ban the Kids' Menu?!

Kid's Menu

Nicola Marzovilla thinks that children's menus are the death of civilization. You know the ones he's talking about, with the standard fare of macaroni and cheese, cheeseburgers and maybe (if you're lucky) spaghetti with marinara sauce. Moms, are you ready to do away with children's menus for good?


Psychologist Says Daycare Screws Kids Up For Life

how not to f them up

There are many ways to make moms feel like total failures. One of them is to write a book called "How Not to F*** Them Up," and then go on a book tour espousing the myriad ways most moms totally fail their offspring -- which is what British pop psychologist Oliver James did recently. After reading his book, I feel like I need a drink!