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Could Fertility Treatments Cause Autism?

Fertility treatment
In two separate studies, researchers have found that women who go through fertility treatments are more likely to have children with an autism spectrum disorder. It's hard enough to struggle with infertility; to add the risk that just taking fertility drugs could harm the baby you want so much to have is heartbreaking.


A Long Road Home for American Hikers Held in Iran

American Hikers in Iran

The American mothers rushed to their children, who were standing in a Tehran hotel lobby. This was their first contact with the three American hikers -- their kids! -- who were arrested nine months ago for crossing the border.


Wedding Dress As Dental Floss??

wedding dress as dental floss

When I think of 101 ways I could use my wedding dress, the terms "pasta strainer," "scarecrow" and "doormat" don't usually come to mind. But then again, I'm not a heartbroken ex-husband whose wife of 12 years walked out on him, leaving only said dress behind.


When He Wants to Know the Baby's Sex and She Doesn't

Pregnant woman holding baby sox

When I was pregnant with my son, my husband and I were told that we were having a girl. It wasn't until I was 33 weeks pregnant that we found out the technician had misread the earlier ultrasound.


Woody Allen, The Moral Authority on Child Rape

Woody Allen
It turns out that Woody Allen -- the guy who left his longtime girlfriend for her adopted daughter -- is an authority on crime and punishment.


Moms: How to Cure Your Kitchen Phobia!

Alma Schneider
Alma Schneider is a 41-year-old mom of four and a clinical social worker in suburban New Jersey. You'd think that would be enough to keep a girl busy, but she's also the creator of "Take Back the Kitchen."


An iPhone App for IVF?


If Rosemary Reed had known just how emotionally traumatic fertility treatment was going to be for her, she might have done things differently. But instead, it took her five cycles of in-vitro fertilization and one miscarriage to realize that the process was more than she could handle.


J. Lo's Orgasmic Pregnancy

jennifer lopez
Among the many improbable things that arise in J. Lo's new flick, "The Back-Up Plan" (a comedy about the misadventures of single motherhood), is the totally silly premise that pregnancy makes you more orgasmic.