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Treat Yourself on Mother's Day!

woman in spa

At momlogic, we believe that every day should be Mother's Day. But since it doesn't always pan out that way for most of us (ha), here's the go-ahead to make the most of it on May 9th ... without using the tried-and-true tactic of phoning the in-laws and telling them that you're desperate!


Does This Single Mom Have a Chance in the Primaries?

jessica sandlin

"It takes a Mother to clean House!" -- or so says Jessica Sandlin's campaign slogan. I got a chance to sit down with Jessica, a writer and mother of five who has decided to run for Congress in Virginia's 2nd District. Go ahead, Jessica -- on behalf of mamas everywhere!


Welcome to the Single Moms Club, Sandra!

sandra bullock

No doubt you'd imagined raising little Louis with a life partner. (And THAT kind of man -- the one who will adore and cherish you -- is likely out there!) In the meantime, if we can give you one bit of advice, it's this: Love your son, but don't use him as a security blanket.


Is Your Ex Getting Remarried?

Sad woman sitting on the couch

If so, how are you handling the news?


My Daughter Says That She's Fat

girl looking in mirror

Is your dear little girl already developing issues about her body? You're not alone.


Open Letter to Sandra Bullock

We're all feeling for the Oscar-winning actress right now. She should be enjoying her success -- not caught in the middle of a media frenzy over her love life.


Spoil Yourself on Valentine's Day. Go Ahead!

woman drinking wine

While it's easy to expect flowers and chocolate from your significant other, what are you going to do to show yourself a little love?


Are You a Secret Smoker?

woman smoking with child

You can be honest: Do you go out back when your kid is asleep or distracted to catch a quick smoke?