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What Do Promise Rings REALLY Promise?

selena gomez, jordin sparks, jonas brothers

I admit it: I'm a big Selena Gomez fan. But when I saw Gomez on "Extra" explaining that she'd asked her parents for a promise ring -- and they brought the ring to the church to have it blessed -- I thought: "What, exactly, is she promising?"


How Do Blended Families Do It?

girl wondering

While Kimora Lee Simmons and Demi Moore seem to deal with their exes effortlessly, we regular moms may not be able to handle the complicated schedules, divorce challenges, and men who've never been parents so easily. Learn from experts how to navigate the difficult waters of blended family relationships.


Grandparents Driving You Crazy?

grandfather holding granddaughter

When I became a single mom, I had no clue how important my own father would become in my daughter's life.


Talking to the Kids about MIA Daddy

single mother with son and missing father

How do you talk to the kids about their father if you don't know him yourself? Our expert weighs in.


Does My Kid Need Therapy?

"I'm writing to ask for some advice about my 6-year-old son. I think he might need to see a therapist," began an e-mail we recently received from a single mom. Find out what our expert had to say.


Answering Those "Daddy" Questions?

mother having conversation with son

We know that many of you at momlogic are single moms. So, we'd love to know: how do you handle the inevitable "daddy" questions that your kids will raise?


Single Mom Sleeping Arrangements?

children peeking from doorway

I recently went on vacation with my boyfriend -- and my kid. We had a great time going to the beach and snorkeling. What I didn't anticipate or plan for, however, was who would sleep where.


Marijuana and Back-to-School?

kids passing drugs to each other

What if your middle school tween came home from school this week and told you that his/her friends were bringing pot to school the next day? What would you do?