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teresa strasser

Pregnant? Get Over Yourself!

woman laughing at pregnant woman

Sometimes, even other pregnant women work my bloated, irrational nerves.


People I Want to Punch

women arguing

If one more mom tells me, "Go to the movies now, because after you have the baby, you'll never get to go to the movies again," or "Go on a trip now, because once you have the baby, you'll never leave town again," or "Have a date night now, because you will never see your husband again," I am going to punch her right in her tired, defeated face.


CVS: Six Months of Worry Free Pregnancy!

woman thinking about genetics and cvs test

I don't want to say I got the hard sell on having a CVS test, but when I went to my mandatory pre-test genetic counseling session, it felt a little like being on a used car lot on the last day of the month taking a recession test drive with a salesman one vehicle short of his quota.


A Baby is Good for Biz

Teresa Strasser

Right now, I'm the sidekick on a morning radio program and co-host of a weekly television show on deep, deep cable. Based on my career trajectory thus far, my next job will be a series of non-union Mobisodes.