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Tracy McArdle

I Just Had a Baby and I Hate My Husband

Postpartum depression is no laughing matter, and neither is postpartum rage.


Practicing with Pets

Many couples declare they are "practicing for children" when they take the leap and get a puppy or kitten. Aside from the totally naive assumption that a little Lab mix could remotely prepare you for the onslaught of a newborn human, there's also the possibility that things won't go well with the arrangement.


Prayed for a Girl ... Got a Boy. Twice.

baby boy in bathtub

I always thought I wanted a daughter, but now that I am the mother of two boys, I wouldn't have it any other way.


She's Leaving Home

woman at the beach

Well before Swine Flu Mania, I spent five fun margarita-and-sleep-filled days in Mexico with old girlfriends from back when I had a waist and an I.Q. My kids are 9 months and 2 years, and most of my mom friends were aghast to hear I was leaving the kids with Dad for 5 days.