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Time to Relearn How to Help Your Kid Study

kid doing homework

You've dedicated a space, made it quiet and done everything else you could think of to help your kid study. Only a New York Times article reveals that it might be time to relearn everything you thought you knew.


Two-Thirds of Gay High School Students Feel Unsafe

High school student

Just when you thought kids were becoming more open-minded and tolerant of others, a survey by GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, shows we still have a long way to go.


School Shop with 'You're Wearing That?!?' Host

You're Wearing That

Luciene Salomone, host of the WEtv mom-and-daughter makeover show "You're Wearing That?!?" walks us through the fine art of back-to-school shopping and the season's cutest trends for girls.


Is Breastfeeding the New Jenny Craig?

woman breasfeeding

A new pro-breastfeeding campaign from the New York State Department of Health that's sweeping the City comes off as a glorified Jenny Craig ad for weight loss. Take a peek and let us know if it inspires you to lactate ... or raise an eyebrow!



Lady Gaga

I never thought it would happen. I came to a realization that goes against each and every fiber of my being as a straight-up music worshipper. It defies each modicum of what I consider sanity. But it's true, and I don't think I can afford to deny the pain of my reality any longer: I think I'm too old for the MTV Video Music Awards.


School FAIL II: Data Dump Has NYC Mom Suing Mad

Data Dump Has NYC Mom Suing Mad

Can you say "infohazard"? First, a Brooklyn public school dumps hundreds of library books on the street, then the School for the Physical City does them one worse: It disposes of hundreds of confidential student records -- including psychiatric profiles, addresses and social security numbers -- in a dumpster. And one mom is suing mad!


Study: No Need to Wait after a Miscarriage before Trying Again

pregnant woman

If you've recently suffered a miscarriage, you'll be thrilled to hear that you don't need to wait a few months before trying to conceive again. A recent University of Aberdeen study of 30,000 women concluded that conceiving within six months of a miscarriage provides the best shot at a healthy, successful pregnancy.


Babies on Antipsychotics?!

Kyle Warren

A recent New York Times article put forth some disturbing research: Over half a million children and adolescents are on antipsychotic drugs -- drugs that can seriously affect their mental and physical development. And a good number of them don't really need to be on these meds ....