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Why Do Privileged Kids Shoplift?

Caroline Giuliani, the Harvard-coed daughter of former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, was just cold busted for shoplifting $150 worth of cosmetics from Sephora! What drives a kid who has so much to take even more?


Gisele Thinks Breastfeeding 'Should Be a Worldwide Law'

Ay-yi-YI! Supermodel mommy Gisele Bundchen told Harper's Bazaar U.K. that she believes breastfeeding should be worldwide law! An incredibly narrow-minded view, considering there are many of us who have no choice in the matter.


Would You Punish Your Teen by Leaving Him in Jail?!

teen in jail

A Chicago mom was so peeved that her son tried to steal a pizza delivery car, she left him in jail! Would ya do the same if your kid broke the law and got busted?


Is the Stress of Caring for Autistic Kids Sending Moms over the Edge?

Mom kills autistic son then self
It's no secret that living with an autistic child can be extremely stressful ... and some parents might be snapping under the pressure.


Do You Know Where Your Children Are ... on the Internet?

kids on the internet

The Children's Advertising Review Unit of the Council of Better Business Bureaus (CARU) just launched a public service campaign to raise awareness about Internet safety for young'uns. The good folks at CARU told us all about it, and shared some handy safety pointers for parents to boot.


Shocking: British Girls STILL Endure Genitial Mutilation

 British Girls STILL Endure Genitial Mutilation

Over 2,000 British schoolgirls will endure the unthinkable practice of genital mutilation during the summer holidays -- and the even more unthinkable pain and complications from the procedure to follow throughout their lives. How is this happening?!


A Conversation with 'Orgasmic Birth' Mom!

woman orgasm

On a new TLC series called "Strange Sex," Cathy from Houston, a mom of two under 2, claims she had such an "orgasmic" birth the first time around, she tried to go for it again with her second kid!


'Ramona and Beezus' Both Touching and Charming

Ramona and Beezus

With an adorable cast and currently relevant storyline, "Ramona and Beezus" provides both kids and their parents with a charming glimpse into the classic Beverly Cleary books.