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Are Holiday Teacher Gifts Bribery?

Teacher with gifts on her desk

The Massachusetts State Ethics Commission has nixed teacher gifts worth more than $50. Foul or fair?


A Candid Chat with Actress Angie Harmon

Angie Harmon

Angie Harmon may often appear to be poised perfection, but let it be known that she's a very cool, very funny, down-to-earth mom of three daughters who shares the same concerns most of us have about parenting. Having recently joined forces with Children's Advil in promoting their "Relieve My Fever" contest, she spoke candidly about how this contest inspired her, as well as about many of the joys and challenges we all face as parents.


Taylor Momsen: Young Girls Should 'Know Themselves'

Taylor Momsen

A recent Guardian interview with "Gossip Girl" star and Pretty Reckless singer Taylor Momsen raised quite a few eyebrows for its frisky subject matter. Is what she says apropos or "Oh GAWD no!"?


Really? Kids of Divorced Parents More Likely To Have a Stroke?!

If you are an adult child of divorced parents (or you are a divorced parent yourself), prepare to grit your teeth in frustration! The Los Angeles Times recently featured a study that says adult children of parents who divorced before the kids were 18 are more than twice as likely to have a stroke!


Miley Turns 18: The Hit Heard 'Round the World

Miley Cyrus

On her 18th birthday, Miley Cyrus was caught on video sucking a hit off a mighty big bong. But she wasn't smoking straight-up weed. Word on the street is that she was inhaling a legal drug called "salvia."


Maintaining the Santa Myth

Santa Claus

I think my kid believed in Santa until very recently, when one of his astute friends at school lay down the gauntlet and said, "If you're half-Jewish, how can you believe in Santa? Don't you know that Santa and the tooth fairy ARE YOUR PARENTS?!" So now that he knows the truth, how do I get him to keep it from his little sister?


Sample Sale Seduction

woman shopping

Oh, in-box. How you beckon me with the gorgeous designer items at slashed prices you can so conveniently bring to my door. But it's the holidays, and I'm cold busted. How am I to find the strength to delete your tempting, wicked invitations to my undoing?


Study Shows Cell Phones May Harm Unborn Kids!

pregnant woman holding mobile phone on her belly

There's more scary information coming out about cell phone exposure by the second! reports that a new study, published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, has found that children exposed to cell phones in the womb and after birth, up to age 7, are more likely to experience behavioral problems such as hyperactivity, attention and social issues than those who aren't exposed.