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Could Frisky Behavior Run in the Family?

couple in bed

Worried your daughter will follow in your frisky footsteps when she's of age? You should be! A new study reveals that promiscuity might very well be hereditary! Could it really be possible that risky or slutty behavior is genetic?!


The Pill: Friend or Foe?

birth control pills

Writer Vanessa Grigoriadis wrote a compelling piece for New York magazine called "Waking Up from the Pill," about how the sexual liberation of women of "a certain age" may have come at a considerable cost -- their fertility. Have you spent years on the Pill, only to have trouble conceiving when you got off it?


Interview: 'Rules of Engagement's' Megyn Price!

Megyn Price

Down-to-earth "Rules of Engagement" actress Megyn Price talks about her character's quest for motherhood, her own struggles with juggling work and parenting, her self-admitted mommy-blog cruising and why it's so important to her to raise her daughter in a very un-Hollywood way.


Putting Baby on Auto-Soothe

baby sleeping

The New York Times recently published an interesting roundup of the newest apps and gadgets designed to "soothe babies." But aren't kids getting too much technology, too young as is? Do we really have to use electronic devices to help parent them from birth? I had to swaddle, stroll and sing to try to soothe two unruly infants -- and learned a ton about myself and my kids in the process. Isn't the personal touch worth anything anymore?


Hot Holiday Gift Ideas from Disney

Hot Holiday Gift Ideas From Disney

As plugged in as a parent may be, it's still a challenge to pick through the throngs of ads to figure out what the latest and greatest holiday gifts are. At a preview event held a few months back, we got a chance to take a sneak peek at some of Disney's hottest holiday offerings. So if you need gift ideas, here's a handful to check out!


'Millionaire Matchmaker' Mom Done with Dating Shows

Stacy Kessler

Are you a single mom who wonders what it would be like to be on a dating show? Stacy Kessler can tell you. Featured on the pilot episode of Bravo's "The Millionaire Matchmaker," Kessler is an actress/model/host/lifestyle coach and single mom of four who gave it a try in the hopes she'd meet Mr. Right. She didn't -- but she sure learned a lot.


EXCLUSIVE: Wendy Williams Talks Motherhood!

Wendy Williams

Talk show host and radio legend Wendy Williams is the high priestess of gab. Throughout her 20-plus-year career on the air, she has interviewed celeb after celeb. Today, Williams is a hands-on married mom of one and has plenty to say about the marvels of motherhood and what it takes to raise "a really good person."


Holiday Design Tips from Nate Berkus!

nate Berkus

Last week, I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Nate, who generously discussed what it's like to share his gift for design wizardry on the small screen and imparted a vast array of design stories and tips.