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Brand Names for Babies?


My hubs and I were lying on a beach in Southern California, enjoying a few glorious days away together. I was just about to drift off to the sweet sounds of lapping waves when I heard a dad behind me bellow, "Chanel! Mercedes! Armani! Time for lunch!" Are luxury brands the hot new inspiration for baby names?


Audrina's Mom Goes On Wasted Tirade after 'DWTS'

Lynn Patridge

Audrina Patridge was ousted from "Dancing with the Stars" on Tuesday, and her mom took it pretty damn hard.


Ernie + Bert, For REALS?

Ernie and Bert

Are Ernie and Bert more than just Muppet roomies? The folks at the New York Daily News and the Los Angeles Times have their suspicions, citing a recent tweet from @SesameStreet that used the term "mo" ....


A Chat with 'Football Wife' Chanita Foster

Chanita Foster

Chanita Foster, otherwise known as wife of NFL vet George Foster, is a philanthropist, entrepreneur and mom of six, yet she's poised to add one more slash to her title: reality star. Soon to appear on VH1's new original series "Football Wives," the candid Chanita took some time out from her hectic schedule to chat with momlogic about football wifedom, reality stardom and that cute brood of hers!


Organize Your Kids' Room!

Kid room

I don't know about you guys, but I can hardly keep up with my kids' stuff. I asked "The Closet Lady," a.k.a. Doreen Tuman, for her advice. With more than 22 years of experience organizing closets and designing interior spaces, she was kind enough to share some easy ways we moms can avoid the dreaded "stuff creep."


'Glee' GQ Backlash: Much Ado about Nothing?

GQ Magazine

Many moms have twisted their granny panties in a wad over an uber ramped-up, camped-up photo spread in GQ Magazine that features "Glee" stars Lea Michele and Dianna Agron licking lollipops in locker rooms and straddling benches, all while scantily clad. But lest we forget, these are actors in their 20s, NOT jailbait.


'Monsters-in-Law' Have a Rough Rep


A New York Post article says that if you'd rather do your taxes than do time with your mother-in-law, you are by no means alone!


I Wore Purple. Now Will Bullying Stop?

woman in purple shirt

Will all the propaganda be successful in effecting change in the horrid age-old practice of bullying?