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wife number two

The Same But Different

couple arguing

I had a big blowout with Husband Number Two this week about disciplining our kids. And then I had a revelation.


Cupid, Take Aim at My Ex -- Please!

couple with cupid

Once my first husband falls in love with someone else, it will be easier for me -- or so they say.


My Second Marriage Was about Love, Not Timing

happy couple

This is something I've spent a lot of hours thinking about recently. When we choose our partner, what matters the most? What seals the deal and makes us proclaim to our family and friends, "This is the one!"?


My New Year's Resolution -- For HIS Ex-Wife

couple pulling on child

I'm not a huge believer in New Year's resolutions, but 2010 seems like a good year to start. While I resolve to treat my hurting stepchildren (who can sometimes be very rude to me) with love and compassion, I have a request for his ex.


Why Lust Matters

couple in bed

I used to be one of those women who convincingly argue that lust, passion and sex just aren't all that important. Not anymore!


Counseling Couldn't Fix My Broken Marriage

couple in divorce therapy with child

Once I told my husband I was in love with another man, we decided to go to marriage counseling. In some ways, I wish I would've chosen a girlfriend and a glass of wine instead.


The Affair That Wasn't

man whispering to woman

Most people think Patrick and I had a torrid affair for months. They assume that because we left our spouses for each other. It's a reasonable assumption, since that's probably what most often happens. But not in our case: ours was the affair that wasn't.


I Had No Choice But to Have an Affair

woman tearing wedding picture

A lot of you responded to my story "Don't Call Me a Husband Stealer" by calling me horribly, disgustingly selfish. And I was selfish for leaving my husband and having an affair. But I had no choice.