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woman on the verge of having kids

Men Who Do the Baby-Tease

man and woman eating dinner

While male seduction techniques in the past have mostly stayed within the wine/sexy scents/whispering-sweet-nothings realm, there are now jerks out there who will use the prospect of pregnancy to get us in the sack.


Tiger and Love in the Age of Sexting

woman using her cellphone

As we bid the old year goodbye, I've been thinking about the Tiger Woods scandal and reflecting on why, hearing about Tiger and his various mistresses, I've had the uncanny feeling I know the guy.


Dumped for Not Being Desperate

Two woman arguing

I am a straight, single woman. And I have just been dumped by a female friend.


John Edwards' Mistress's Gutsy Choice

Elizabeth Edwards John Edwards Rielle Hunte

I confess to having an offbeat reaction to the ongoing story of John Edwards and his former mistress, Rielle Hunter: I am happy for Rielle that, as a single woman, she now has a beautiful baby, on her own terms.