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Study: Direct Link Between Childhood Obesity and Dining Out


In an economic crisis, it would seem natural for children to be eating at home with their families while parents attempt to manage their budgets, but researchers reveal that kids are eating very few of their meals at home.


Kids Say Cereal with Cartoon Packaging Tastes Better

Oh, greeeeeeeeeeeeaaaat. It looks like Tony the Tiger, Toucan Sam and Snap, Crackle and Pop aren't going to mascot heaven anytime soon. A new study proves that kids think cereal with cartoon characters on the box taste better.


Have a Cell-Free Halloween

mom on cell phone while kids trick or treat

Are you sure you're doing everything to protect your kid on Halloween?


GLBT Teens NEED To Know 'It Gets Better'

Tyler Clementi

SIX -- count 'em, SIX -- gay teenagers were driven to suicide by bullies THIS WEEK ALONE. Something has to be done ... and the likes of Ellen DeGeneres, Perez Hilton and Dan Savage are taking action and telling teens, "It Gets Better."


Help! My Baby Won't Eat!

baby eating
I have a 1-year-old who only wants to drink her bottle and eat sweet potatoes from a little pot. She does not like anything cut up small so she can pick it up with her fingers. I have tried everything from mango to peas to carrots. Help!


Insurance Companies Dump Kids' Coverage! WTH?!

health insurance form

So much for doing right by this nation's children: When Obama's law barring insurance companies from denying coverage to kids with preexisting conditions goes into effect, some insurance companies will respond by denying children, PERIOD. This latest d-bag move is a total outrage!


Two-Thirds of Gay High School Students Feel Unsafe

High school student

Just when you thought kids were becoming more open-minded and tolerant of others, a survey by GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, shows we still have a long way to go.


Babies on Antipsychotics?!

Kyle Warren

A recent New York Times article put forth some disturbing research: Over half a million children and adolescents are on antipsychotic drugs -- drugs that can seriously affect their mental and physical development. And a good number of them don't really need to be on these meds ....