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Should Little Kids Be 'Working Out'?

Crossfit Kids
Workouts for kids? With childhood obesity rates skyrocketing, this might be a trend that's here to stay.


Stop Giving My Kids Suckers!

kid with sucker mother disapproving

This is an open request to all bank tellers, veterinarians, office managers, store cashiers and especially doctors (who should know better): Stop giving my kids treats -- because they've had too much already!


Celebs Rally Around 'Sex and the City 2' Costumer's Sick Baby

minty python

Nine-month-old "Minty Python" has been battling brain tumors since she was just 6 weeks old. And celeb parents like Naomi Watts, Ted Danson, Tina Fey and Rachel Weisz are rallying to help offset the extensive cost of her cancer treatment.


Mom, Friend and Autism Advocate

Areva Martin

After my youngest child, Marty, was diagnosed with autism eight years ago, I quickly learned that I had to make room for a new role: advocate. My "mom" and "friend" duties were at times morphed by my obligation to take action and speak up for my son, who was completely nonverbal until age 4. In the early days of his diagnosis, I didn't label what I was doing, nor did I think of it in any grand way. But if I can move from grief to advocacy, so can you.


Did the First Lady Bite Off More Than She Can Chew?

michelle obama

While Michelle Obama has good intentions, her ideas on how to tackle obesity in children may actually have a negative rebound effect on the very kids she's trying to help.


Testing for Autism in Five Minutes?

Testing for Austism in Five Minutes
The Rapid ABC test can be done in just five minutes through engaging a child in simple activities that test attention, communication and recognition.


Is Your Baby Getting Enough Vitamin D?

a baby

Think your baby is getting enough nutrients from breastfeeding and baby formula alone? Think again!


Huge School Lunch Bill Clears Another Hurdle

kid eating at cafeteria
A Senate committee cleared the way today for a final vote on a measure that will bolster the safety and nutritional value of school lunches.