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Hey Pediatrician, No Candy for My Kid!

doctor with lollipop

The pediatrician should be a safe haven where kids are rewarded (in healthy ways) for taking care of their bodies -- not simply another way station for them to get their candy fix.


Think Twice Before Giving Cold Meds to Kids

baby receiving medicine

A 7-month-old baby recently died after accidentally being given children's cold medicine instead of infant cold medicine. Dr. Alanna Levine explains the dangers.


Our Kids Are Stressed Out!

stressed out boy

Kids don't need to work, have bills to pay, or worry if there is food in the refrigerator, but they have plenty to feel stressed out about. It appears that kids today are more stressed out than in previous generations due in part to technology, overscheduling, and family stressors. Try these techniques to help your kid R.E.L.A.X.


Coping with the Haiti Tragedy

As the pictures of devastation and sheer destruction in Haiti play over and over again on our televisions, on the Internet, and, for many of us, in our own minds, you and your children may find yourselves increasingly anxious, and even despondent. Two of the nation's top experts on stress offer hope.


Little Yogis

children practicing yoga

Stress levels among kids are higher than ever. By introducing your children to some simple, fun yoga moves, you'll help them alleviate their stress and improve their attitude and self-image.


Chopsticks, Drumsticks, Forks, and Knives ...

kid holding chopsticks

Many of us have heard about the young boy in China who accidentally fell on a chopstick, which impaled his nose and brain. He was transported for half a day until a neurosurgeon removed it successfully. But by the time the neurosurgeon saw him, he was nearly comatose from the brain injury. Keep your kids away from the following sharp objects!


My Son Died After Swallowing a Button Battery

aidan truett

My 1-year-old baby boy Aidan recently passed away on November 22, 2009. Unbeknownst to us, he had swallowed a button battery. Now I want to warn other moms about this hidden danger.


10 Tips for Finicky Eaters

kid eating broccoli

If nothing else works, try tricking them!