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Marital Status: Married, No Children
Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
Profession: Student
Trying to Conceive: Over a year

Absidi has been trying for over a year to get pregnant with no success. She is married to a soldier in the U.S. Army and has been labeled "Military Base Mommy" by the fellow soldiers' wives. She hosts all the baby showers for her friends on base and is in the delivery room when the other base moms have their babies especially if their husbands are deployed. Absidi is VERY frustrated and emotionally exhausted from trying to get pregnant. She is so consumed with trying to conceive so much that her friends and family are afraid to tell her if they become pregnant trying to avoid upsetting her. She also says trying to get pregnant has ruined her sex life and feels it's unfair everyone else is getting pregnant, while she is not.

Read more about Absidi, in her own words.

conception diaries

The Journey Comes to an End!

Trying to conceive can be the most joyful and sometimes heartbreaking experience a woman will ever go through. When we were young, we thought it was easy: have sex ... get pregnant.


I've Lost 20 Pounds Since He Left

I talked to Joel the other day about some of the details of the divorce. He seemed so nonchalant about everything. He kept asking me questions.
absidi and husband splitting up

My Husband Left Me

Last week, my husband Joel was in California for some training. When he left, everything was fine. During the week, he was texting and calling me, telling me he loved me and he couldn't wait to be in my arms again. I thought everything was OK.


Is Absidi Ovulating While the Hubby's Away?

Joel comes home in 3 days!! I haven't ovulated yet. I am not sure if that is a good or a bad thing.


Being Married to a Marine on Memorial Day

My husband lost one of his very close friends to the war in 2006. They had only been in Iraq for two months when he passed ...

absidi and husband

Lately I Have Been Kind of Pessimistic

I am a little nervous that I will not ovulate ... but I have been trying to be optimistic. I am hoping that I can hold off ovulating for at least 2 more days, because if I can do that, Joel and I will be able to "Baby Dance."


I've Been Trying To Conceive for Two Years Now!

So Joel left yesterday ... and I still haven't ovulated yet ...

absidi takes another fertility test play video

Absidi Finds Out If She's Fertile!

Absidi was anxiously waiting for "Aunt Flo" to arrive so she could use the First Response Fertility Test! Let's see if her dream can become a reality!

absidi and husband at military event

I Am Still Waiting for My LH Surge ...

So I am still waiting for my LH surge ... According to the First Response Ovulation Test, I am not supposed to start testing until tomorrow.


Absidi's Eager To Get To It!

Absidi is waiting for her period, and she's eager to try out all the tests and get to baby-making! See how she's been coping with trying to conceive since she's been home!

Another One? What the Hell!

So remember how I just found out one of my friends is pregnant? Well, I go to check my e-mail ... and guess what ... ANOTHER one of my friends is pregnant!!


Great, Another Baby Shower I Have to Plan!

Oh man, I am so relieved!! Today was day 3 of my period, so I took the First Response Fertility Test.

conception diaries absidi mothers day thoughts

Absidi: My Thoughts on Mother's Day

Mother's Day is always a little depressing for me ...


I Am So Excited to Start the Testing!

So this whole project still seems so surreal. I am so excited to start the testing and everything. I am so irritated that I have to wait so long for my period.

How the Heck Do You Use a Home Pregnancy Test?

The amazing women of Conception Diaries have started their journey ... but have no clue how to monitor their cycles or even test to see if they ARE pregnant. That's where First Response's Conception Council comes in.

absidi and her husband

I Had Such an Amazing Experience

Going to L.A. and meeting the other women was absolutely amazing! I felt so relieved to be around other women who share my frustrations and fears about conceiving.

Conception Diaries: Meet Absidi

Momlogic and the makers of First Response® are following five women of all ages, all on the same journey -- trying to conceive. This is Absidi's story.

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