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Marital Status: Married, No Children
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Profession: Writer and Entrepreneur
Trying to Conceive: Two months

Anh-Chi is trying to conceive her first child with her husband. He is in the U.S. Air Force and their family is scheduled to move out of state at the end of this year for 10 years. She had her IUD removed in December 2008 and the doctors have given her two months before she will be fertile. Anh-Chi wants to have her baby while she is still in Sacramento close to her family and friends, but she is very afraid that it won't happen as planned. She wants their family and friends to be a part of their child's life if only at the very beginning. The timing of her pregnancy is very important to her.

Read more about Anh-Chi, in her own words.

conception diaries

The Journey Comes to an End!

Trying to conceive can be the most joyful and sometimes heartbreaking experience a woman will ever go through. When we were young, we thought it was easy: have sex ... get pregnant.

I Will No Longer 'TRY'

Just several days ago, I got my period. Yes, right before I was about to take my pregnancy test. I'm quite certain at this point that I will no longer "try."

anh chi

Still Didn't Get My Period

It's the 1st of the month, and I still didn't get my period. What's odd is that my pregnancy test shows up as negative.

anh chi and husband

Our Anniversary

My husband and I celebrated our anniversary this past weekend. We got married in December 2007, but had our wedding in June 2008. So we celebrate twice a year ... but of course, our wedding date holds more sentimental value.

Anh Chi

Moving to the East Coast

My husband and I just found out we're moving to Dover, Delaware, in 6 months ... I'm not sure how to take this, since we didn't expect to relocate so soon!


Having a Large Family

I have only 2 more days left in Vietnam, and I'm so sad to leave this soon. I've grown incredibly close to my in-laws, and feel like I've known them forever. As an only child, I've gotten used to being on my own and developing my independence.

Anh Chi

Clarification of Pregnancy Rumor

Although I shouldn't care what people say, I've always been the type to clarify myself. So to set things straight, I did NOT start the rumor that I'm pregnant just to make my mother-in-law happy.

anh chi and husband

Vietnam Has Been Quite Eventful

My mother-in-law's entire life has been devoted to providing for her family and community in Vietnam, so she hopes to pass some of that altruistic spirit onto me.

Anh Chi

I'm NOT Pregnant!

My husband's family thinks I'm pregnant, but it's day two of my period, so I'm definitely not pregnant.

Anh Chi

I Need to Get Pregnant Next Month!

The first day my husband and I arrived in Vietnam, we visited my mother-in-law in the hospital. Luckily, she was discharged from the hospital that very day.

anh chi looking at pregnancy test result

I Told Her I'm Pregnant -- But Am I?

Right now, I have no idea what to expect ... whether or not I'm pregnant (even though my heart tells me I am and I've already told my mother-in-law that I AM!), how much longer my mother-in-law will survive, and what I'll gain from this trip.

Anh Chi

I'm Tired of Peeing on Sticks!

It's day 5 of testing, and still no positive result. I could easily believe that I'm not pregnant, but I still have hope.

Anh Chi

I Have to Leave for Vietnam

My husband and I are packing our bags to leave for our trip to Vietnam. Right now, it still hasn't sunk in that I'm visiting my birthplace.
Anh Chi

I Thought I Would Never Have Kids

Conception Diaries' Anh-Chi has been testing every single morning in the hopes of an LH surge, a.k.a., ovulation. Has the day finally come?

Anh Chi

I Did My Five-Day Early Pregnancy Test ...

I did my 5-day Early Pregnancy Test this morning, and lo and behold, it came out negative. Negative?! How could that be?!

Anh Chi

Anh-Chi: My Thoughts This Memorial Day

Holidays have become so ingrained in our culture that sometimes we forget to evaluate their significance.

Anh Chi

I Used to Feel Utterly Lost

I have wonderful news! My friend/colleague recently got pregnant ... and she used the First Response ovulation and pregnancy tests!!!


Is Anh-Chi On the Road to Ovulation?

Anh-Chi's husband's trip gets canceled and she might be ovulating soon -- let's see if it's time for her to conceive!

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