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I'm Tired of Peeing on Sticks!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009
filed under: Anh-Chi

Anh-Chi: It's day 5 of testing, and still no positive result. I could easily believe that I'm not pregnant, but I still have hope. Normally, my menstrual cycle starts on the first of the month, so there's plenty of time to continue testing. Honestly I'm kind of tired of peeing on a stick every day, especially since it can get messy. I always try to find a way to pee "appropriately" on the stick, so that I can have clean and effective results!

Anh Chi

Here are some tips:
1) Don't test when you have to go to the bathroom extremely badly; otherwise you might have excessive urine on your test.
2) Try to sit as far back as possible, to avoid getting the toilet seat wet.
3) When closing the test cap, hold it far away from you, so no urine can splatter on you. I know, I know ... this sounds funny right now, but trust me, after testing day and night with ovulation and pregnancy tests, the last thing you want to deal with is cleaning or washing up (especially if you're already nicely freshened up)!

You're not going to believe this, but testing has almost become like second nature to me. Every time I go to the bathroom in the morning, my mind automatically thinks ... ovulation test, or pregnancy test. It's that time of the day! I almost look forward to peeing, just so I can perform my daily rituals toward baby-making. In fact, when I found out I was already ovulating, I experienced withdrawal from not being able to test each morning.

Yes, call it being overly consumed or addicted ... but hey, at least I'm not addicted to harmful substances! What started out as a harmless method to conceive has now turned into a part-time hobby (although it feels like a full-time one).

These tests are not just a quick fix to alleviate my insatiable desire to conceive or my need for instant gratification. Rather, they are tools and starting points to approach conceiving as a lifestyle, not just a goal. I find myself researching prenatal nutrition (including what not to eat), prenatal exercise and relaxation, female reproductive health, unexpected body changes during pregnancy, balance between marriage/career/family, and other relevant topics. So the next time you find yourself in a similar predicament, just know you're probably not alone, and that what you're doing can lead to positive outcomes. Even if you don't get pregnant as planned, you'll still gain a great deal of knowledge, which is priceless ...

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filed under: Anh-Chi

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