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Our Anniversary

Wednesday, July 1, 2009
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Anh-Chi: My husband and I celebrated our anniversary this past weekend. We got married in December 2007, but had our wedding in June 2008. So we celebrate twice a year ... but of course, our wedding date holds more sentimental value.

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I can't believe how quickly time passes by, and how much we've been through together. My husband and I have faced great challenges both in our personal lives and our marriage, and the fact that we overcame them says a lot. We know 110% that we're in this together, and we'll never give up on each other. Of course, there are never any guarantees in life, but we're both extremely committed to preserving a strong marriage.

Even though it's been a year and a half since we got married, I still get butterflies in my stomach and look at my husband in utter amazement. He's so patient and caring, and although he's not Mr. Casanova, his thoughtfulness more than compensates for that. I'm the one who says "I love you" more than several times a day, and showers him with affection. But he's the one who does quiet acts of kindness that are such pleasant surprises.

Of course marriage can get monotonous, but we make the best of our evenings and weekends together. We try not to take things for granted, and remind ourselves how incredibly lucky we are to have each other. We're rarely in competition with each other, but rather, work together as a team. Hopefully our love will remain ever-so-strong, even throughout parenthood. We're both more than ready to start a family now and celebrate joyous occasions together in the coming years.

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