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The Journey Comes to an End!

Friday, July 31, 2009
filed under: Conception Diaries

Here, the final installment of the Conception Diaries.

Trying to conceive can be the most joyful and sometimes heartbreaking experience a woman will ever go through. When we were young, we thought it was easy: have sex ... get pregnant. But having a baby doesn't always happen overnight -- in fact, often it takes time, patience, and a lot of emotional energy.

So what really goes on behind closed doors when women have their eye on the pregnancy prize? Momlogic and the makers of First Response® followed five women of all ages, who were all on the same journey -- trying to conceive. In their own words, each hopeful mom-to-be shared her experience, her joy and frustration, her hopes and darkest fears. Watch as real life unfolds for these courageous women -- including a divorce!

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actually, it is really easy. otherwise i think our abortion rate would be something like ZERO.
- cavale
Posted 07/31/09 02:19 PM
What an assanine and incredibly insensitive thing to say. For some women, getting pregnant is incredibly easy. Wonderful for those who are equipped to be parents, frightening for those that are too young or immature to raise a child. But there are millions of women struggling with infertility, paying a lot of money and riding the emotional roller coaster, hoping that they might be one of the women that gets to experience pregnancy and birth. Maybe you should think about all of the women that want to be moms and aren’t before you make an insensitive and snarky comment like that.
- Kate
Posted 07/31/09 02:30 PM
How dare you say something like that?! Being a woman that is having problems concieving, I would love to meet you in person and beat the CRAP out of you!!! I wish YOUR mom would have had an ABORTION!!!!!!!!
- Hannah
Posted 08/01/09 01:10 PM
it is called natural selection… some people just can, some people can’t. like people who wear and don’t wear glasses. i really do sympathize with women who can not concieve, but i see all of the treatments a waste of money. there are so many children that need to be adopted, why not love one of them?
- Sarah B
Posted 08/01/09 08:11 PM
Adoption is definitely a wonderful alternative. I would love to adopt a child, but my husband is not too keen on that idea. Nothing’s easy…you can’t just say okay…I want a child and it’ll happen. Or I want to adopt because I feel helpless. After this whole experience, I ask myself why I’ve stressed out so much when I could have just relaxed and let nature take its course. But the circumstances in my life dictated these emotions and pressure, similar to the other women in this journey. I just hope that women don’t lose perspective and instead try to regain normalcy especially in their marriage. It’s not fair to the husband and it’s not fair to ourselves. We need to treat ourselves with kindness and patience, and if things don’t happen as planned then there’s always other options. At the end of the day our health and happiness matter the most, which positions us well for parenthood.
- Anh-Chi
Posted 08/02/09 01:53 AM
Thanks to all of you who continue to give positive encouraging support & advice. All the Best to everyone & you never know what the future will bring!
- Wendy
Posted 08/04/09 12:34 AM
Same to you Wendy…I love your smile in this video intro!
- Anh-Chi
Posted 08/04/09 02:34 AM
My Husband and I have been trying to concieve a baby for 5 months now … why hasn’t it happened … Am I doing something wrong … is there any way you can help out ..
- Ashley Wortman
Posted 11/06/09 04:27 PM
Hi Ashley…thanks for sharing your comment. Although 5 months feels like eternity, don’t give up. After this whole experience, I’ve learned that 1 year is actually typical for most couples. So hang in there and keep your hopes up high! I wish you all the best!
- Anh-Chi Nguyen
Posted 12/27/09 11:41 PM
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