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Should I Have Sex for 10 Days Straight?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009
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The women of Conception Diaries had a chance to ask First Response expert Dr. Ahlering their questions. Check out what he had to say. You may have some of the same questions.

Conception Diaries

Anh-Chi: Is there any way I could increase my chances of having a boy? I've been told that the "doggy style" position helps to deposit the sperm closer to the cervix, and moves the "Y" chromosome quicker to fertilize the egg first.
Dr. Ahlering: Position makes no difference ... another myth. The only thing to do to promote one gender over another is IVF with gender-selection techniques.

Anh-Chi: Do fertility pills work? If so, should I use them even if I have a regular ovarian reserve?
Dr. Ahlering: The goal of meds is to get one to ovulate, thus improve to some small degree the chance of pregnancy. If ovulating, Clomid pills are not a good idea, however ... the shots are the only way to go in already ovulatory patients.

Anh-Chi: If I do get a positive ovulation test, what could I do to maximize my chances of conceiving? Should I have sex as soon as possible? Should I completely relax and maybe even take several days off from work??
Dr. Ahlering: Sex the day prior to or within 2 days post-positive test is best. How many times does not likely make much difference. It's no help to take time off ...

Anh-Chi: I've heard that a couple can increase their chances of conceiving if they have sex for 10 days straight at the same time every day. Is this true?
Dr. Ahlering: Not really ... trying a couple times in the window of the time noted above is as good as it gets with natural conception.

Anh-Chi: Is there any way I could measure my husband's fertility? We've focused so much on women's fertility, but I'd like to make sure my husband will be at his peak level as well.
Dr. Ahlering: Yes!! The man should be evaluated.

Wendy: Can I feel any part of the implantation process?
Dr. Ahlering: No.

Wendy: Is a low-carb diet detrimental any time during conception and/or pregnancy?
Dr. Ahlering: No, but when pregnant, discuss with your Doc. If you are overweight, then diets of course can be helpful.

Wendy: How far through conception and pregnancy can I continue vigorous exercise?
Dr. Ahlering: All the way through, I say. Many active people (long-distance runners and personal trainers, for example) throughout pregnancy continue to maintain a good level of exercise.

Meredith: After my LH surge (the day of surge and the next day), should my husband and I have intercourse as much as possible, or just once a day?
Dr. Ahlering: As noted above, trying a couple times the day prior to or within 2 days after a positive test is as good as it gets with natural conception.

Meredith: Aside from prenatal vitamins, is there anything else I should be doing to prepare for pregnancy?
Dr. Ahlering: I believe it is beneficial for all women, pre-pregnancy, as a general rule, to take the following:

1. Prenatal vitamin with 800-1,000 micrograms of folic acid or a general multi-vitamin that has this in it. These can be obtained over the counter, and reading labels will provide the appropriate information.

2. Flax Seed Oil caplets 1,000 mg, two per day. These can be obtained over the counter also.

3. The B-complex vitamins (also over the counter) that have folic acid, B-6, B-12 at minimum. One such simple B-complex vitamin with the combined prenatal vitamin/multi-vitamin noted above is a good recommendation.

4. Calcium 1,000-1,200 mg per day (any over the counter supplement is sufficient).

5. For vitamins C and E, there are no specific recommendations, but often times patients do like to supplement 500 mg of vitamin C per day and 400 mg of vitamin E per day.

These are simple, general recommendations that, for most patients, are sufficient and beneficial. If you are taking specific medications it is always wise to speak with your physician regarding such medications and vitamin supplementation.

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Thank you Dr. Ahlering!!! Your answers are so insightful!!!
- Anh-Chi
Posted 05/14/09 08:05 PM
- Xduedvtn
Posted 07/14/09 11:08 PM
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