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My Sex Life Has Become Increasingly Mechanical

Friday, May 15, 2009
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Korto: According to the First Response Ovulation Kit, because of the irregularity of my period I should begin testing for ovulation three days after my period ends. But of course I didn't heed that -- I began testing the very day my period ended. After testing nearly twelve days straight with no sign of ovulation, I finally got a positive result on the 11th. 


As I mentioned in my previous blog ... the last few months our sex life has become increasingly mechanical ... sex for me has become all about conceiving and that's taking a toll on my husband. In an effort to bring the spontaneity back and still keep my eyes on the prize (which is to conceive), I made it a point to not tell my hubby when I'm ovulating. This way, when we're making love, he's not thinking that it's only for conception. But when my ovulation test showed positive, I couldn't help but call and tell him to hurry home so we can get to it. He said he was going to try and leave work early but unfortunately, got caught at the office and didn't make it home until seven hours later. When he walked through the door, I could tell right away that he was tired and thought it would be selfish not to let him get some rest.    

So he had dinner and put on the Lakers game. Halfway through the game I began to question whether I made the right decision because he seemed to have forgotten that there was an egg waiting for him. But I was not going to let this opportunity pass me by, so as a good wife, I patiently waited for his basketball game to end ... then I made my move. Ladies, some of you could relate to this ... knowing exactly what it takes to get your man in the mood ... So I worked my magic and suddenly, he was energized. We're aiming for every night during these next few days. Hopefully in a few weeks I'll be blogging about a positive pregnancy test. I'm praying for it!

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I think we’ve all gotten into this baby making routine, and forget that our husband just want to have good ol’ fashion fun. You should treat yourselves to a nice weekend and just enjoy each other! :)
- Anh-Chi
Posted 05/15/09 01:17 PM
Anh-Chi, you’re so right! That’s exactly how my husband feels….forgotten about. I’m trying to make this experience about us. But I’m realizing that I may have a compulsive disdorder…LOL
- Korto
Posted 05/15/09 02:27 PM
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