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Conception Diaries: Meet Meredith

Wednesday, April 29, 2009
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Marital Status: Married with an 11-year-old from a previous marriage
Hometown: Plantation, Florida
Profession: Marketing Communications Manager
Trying to Conceive: Almost a year

Meredith is the mother of an 11-year-old from a previous marriage and is desperately trying to conceive her second child with her new husband. Meredith's husband wanted to pay down all their debt before they started trying to conceive -- now she is terrified they waited too long, as they've been trying for seven months now with no luck. She says her husband is a fantastic father to her 11-year-old, but yearns to have a child with him. She wants to know what she's doing wrong and if she even can get pregnant.

Meredith: My name is Meredith. I am like most modern-day moms -- that is to say, I am a working mom. By day I am a Marketing Communications Manager for a health care franchise organization. By night I am "Mom" and wife. My husband and I both work very hard. Like you, we have bills, and an overwhelming desire to expand our family (well ... I have a desire, anyway).

I have an 11-year-old son, Austin, from a prior marriage. I can't express what it means to have him in my life, what it means to me to feel like I'm living for something so much greater than myself. My husband, John, and I have been married for over two years and have been together for well over six years. I love him dearly and he is definitely the brains in this operation/marriage. He is also the reason why I am not pregnant yet! In his infinite wisdom, he developed a family budget. A financial plan to baby-making, if you will. We reached our milestone in the countdown nine months ago. Oh, yeah ... that's right, nine months ago. No one told me you don't always get pregnant on the first try, or in my case, the 2nd through 9th. How the heck would I have known that? My first husband and I talked about it for all of two minutes when I was 19 before I got pregnant. So you did the math -- that's right, I am 30.

Here's a little more about me. I live in Plantation, Florida, and I have for quite some time. Honestly, I hate it here and wish I lived in the mountains or up north ... but alas, here I am. Staying active is very important to me. I enjoy kickboxing, mountain biking, running, and anything athletic. My feeling is that if you are not sweating or dirty, you are doing something wrong. OK, so I am a tomboy. So what? Don't mess with me -- remember, I enjoy kickboxing.

Recently, my mom and I have started gardening, and that is not as boring as I had originally thought it was. I actually enjoy spending time outside with my hands in the dirt. So far, I have only killed one plant. Even though I really don't think it was my fault. I should also mention that staying inactive is also very important to me. The past five years I have become a reality show junkie. My family would say I am addicted to TV. I think I may have a sickness (the first step is to admit the problem, right?). The sickness I have is compounded by the need I have to visit celebrity gossip blogs on a daily basis. I am your go-to girl when it comes to celeb gossip. Sidebar ... is it just me, or is every celebrity having babies, and not just one, but multiples? Also, I guess it is in vogue to have these babies without being married. I am not judging, I am just jealous. Babies seem to come so easily to those Hollywood glamour girls. But, I digress.

I think the most important thing to know about me is my strong love of children. Many women dream of having a career and a fabulous life; I have always wanted to be a mom. I am blessed to have one child and sincerely cannot wait to have more children and expand my family. My family is one of the most loving and giving bunch I know. I would love to be able to give that same love to more children and hope it happens soon. I am a very hands-on mom. My son and I have basically grown up together. We are the best of friends. It was hard to balance being a mom and being a friend to Austin. Eventually, we both learned our roles and balance them well. I will never be too old or too grown-up to play with my kids. If it's a water balloon fight or touch/tackle football with my son, I'm game. I would like to always be a trusted, respected friend to my children.

So that's me in a nutshell. I am sincerely excited to be working with momlogic and First Response®. I have committed to being an open book. I am willing to share the good, bad, and ugly with readers. I know how exciting and disappointing this process can be. I hope to share all of the helpful information and tips that I receive with all of you. I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little bit better. If you have any questions for me, feel free to ask or leave comments. I will surely read them all and answer as many as I can.

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17 comments so far | Post a comment now >>

My name is Janice and I have also been trying to get pregnant for several months now. I was wondering what your experience has been with ovulation and pregnancy tests? I sometimes cant tell exactly when the lines on my test are positive and am forced to ask my husband to check them(he has perfect vision, I might be going blind or slightly color blind??) I find myself asking him over and over again and I feel he might think I am “baby crazy”. Any hints, suggestions? Thanks JT
- JaniceJ
Posted 04/28/09 11:27 AM
It’s so funny that you mention that Janice, because I too seem to be ovualtion/pregnancy test blind. My husband must think I have a screw loose, cause I run around the house asking him to check my sticks for one or two lines. Hey, I can’t help it if I see two lines when there is only one. Let’s just call it Baby Crazy Blindness.
- Meredith
Posted 04/28/09 01:32 PM
No offense but I’m sensing a lot of anger here towards John, blame on him for the fertility issues, although there’s no evidence that the “waiting” made much of a difference. As I didn’t stop physically growing until I was 21, it could be that your body changed from the ease in which you conceived in your youth to today. Maybe it does have something to do with waiting, but in the meantime, I think you should look at this resentment towards your husband before anything else.
- Anon
Posted 04/29/09 09:08 AM
I can’t help by agree with you Anon. These past 10 months have been the most stressful and frustrating for me. Instead of taking it a day at a time, I often do blame John or anyone around me for that matter (for my lack of bun in said oven). My last experience with getting pregnant was so easy, I just naturally expected this time to go as well. I was wrong. Perhaps once I let go of the stress, anger and blame I will finally get pregnant. Thanks for your comment.
- Meredith
Posted 04/29/09 09:24 AM
Good Luck Meredith. Remember to just relax and reduce your stress. The gardening is a good idea.
- Gigohead
Posted 04/29/09 09:43 AM
Gigohead, Thanks for your comment. Gardening is great, so long as I don’t kill any of them. So far so good.
- Meredith
Posted 04/29/09 09:59 AM
Hi Meredith! I am in your same situation…my story is a little different. My husband actually is the one with the 6 year old son. I am a step mom and love it. I am 30 years old and have been married to my husband for 2 years (together 4). My husband and his first wife got pregnant right away when they had Jackson (my step-son), and for the first year of our marriage my husband didn’t think that we were financially ready for a baby. He never wanted me to stop taking birth control because he thought I’d get pregnant so quickly. Well, it’s been almost 1 year since we went off birth control and we are still not pregnant. I have recently started fertility treatments, but still no success. All of this has been a little stressful and I know my husband Lou feels bad that we didn’t start sooner. Anyway, good luck to you! Thanks for sharing your story.
- Shannon
Posted 04/29/09 11:49 AM
Hi Shannon! I can totally relate to the stress that you feel. Honestly…it sucks! You never imagine that getting pregnant could be such an ordeal and take an emotional toll. I am upset that we waited so long, but now my husband is not as stressed with the finacials and when the time comes he will be able to enjoy the pregnancy also. Hopefully, a baby will be in both of both of our futures. Best of Luck and Much Baby Dust! Just know you are not struggling alone if you ever need to vent feel free to message me directly on my momlogic community page.
- Meredith
Posted 04/29/09 12:56 PM
Dear Meredith, I think what you are doing is incredibly brave. Your ability to make your life an open book during one of the most stressful situations a woman can go through is awe inspiring. Take care of yourself and be strong!
- becki
Posted 04/29/09 01:49 PM
Meredith - I’m so proud of you for sharing your life with everyone! Thank you for sharing it with me :)
- kim
Posted 04/29/09 02:40 PM
Dear Meredith, What an incredible story of a wonderful mom yearning to have another child. I can’t speak from experience because it was very easy for me to concieve with all three of my kids, but I pray each day for you and in God’s perfect timing you will concieve. Never stop believing, with God all things are possible. Believe that!!!!! Bethanney
- Bethanney
Posted 04/29/09 03:03 PM
Becki, thanks for your support. It’s not easy to put yourself and your sex life out there. I am hopeful by doing this other women will see that they are not alone.
- Meredith
Posted 04/29/09 04:56 PM
Hey Kim, Thanks for your comment. Stayed tuned…I promise it gets much more interesting.
- Meredith
Posted 04/29/09 04:57 PM
Bethanney, I appreciate your thoughts and prayers. As for you…congrats on being such a “Fertile Myrtle”. :)
- Meredith
Posted 04/29/09 05:02 PM
Meredith!! I hope your journey is a fantastic one, no matter what. I am pulling for you and all the ladies in this project. It’s hard not to feel the pressure with everything going on around us but relax, have fun with it & we’ll see what comes….
- Wendy
Posted 05/03/09 01:29 AM
I would like to recommend the perfect product that is designed to assist your procreation efforts! Take a look at
- Richard
Posted 05/04/09 04:31 PM
CONGRATULATIONS on your positive fertility test!!! YAY!!! I wish you the best of luck throughout this project!!!
- Anh-Chi Nguyen
Posted 05/05/09 02:26 PM
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