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Did I Test Wrong?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009
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Meredith: So, I have been reading more about the ovulation tests that I have been taking and admittedly I have gotten some things wrong. One line and a faint second line does not indicate an LH surge, just that it is getting close. All this time I have been freaking out at one solid and one faint line and sexing it up. WRONG!! I have been blowing my load on the wrong days ... literally. Why me? Anyway, knowledge is power -- I am now powerful. I am going to test for ovulation three times a day (that's right, blame my spirit guide). I have read that an LH surge does not just happen in the morning (when I usually test). I could get my surge in the afternoon or at night. I am not taking any chances of missing out on 24 hours of peak fertility by only testing once. So, I will follow this new method of testing until I am with child.

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You’re supposed to wait until after 1-2PM to test for LH. It takes time to build up in your urine. Good luck!
- Anonymous
Posted 06/16/09 09:35 AM
Get the clearblue digital ones with the happy face - you can’t misread it!
- Lovey's Mom
Posted 06/16/09 01:33 PM
Anonymous, Thanks for your advice. I have heard that too. That is exactly why I am testing three times a day now, Morning, afternoon, and at night.
- Meredith
Posted 06/16/09 01:56 PM
Hi Lovey’s Mom, Thanks for your comment. I have always been a First Response kind of girl. All of the women in my family swear by it and it’s the only one I have ever used.
- Meredith
Posted 06/16/09 02:02 PM
Hang in there. None of us are experts, that’s why we are doing this! Take care!
- Wendy
Posted 06/17/09 04:23 PM
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