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I Failed My Early Pregnancy Test

Wednesday, May 6, 2009
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Meredith: Seriously ... seriously (obviously I am a "Grey's Anatomy" freak) ... what the hell is up with my husband? He is usually the most outgoing person. However, suddenly he has become camera-shy. He keeps saying, "This is your thing, not mine." I think it finally sunk in that I will be blogging about getting pregnant and what it involves. *Note -- Sex is usually involved!* For the record, my husband, John (sorry babe, I said your name), is the least prude person I have ever known. However, all of a sudden he has decided to become this shrinking violet. Honestly, it's not right! As if I would say too much about the goings-on in our bedroom. OK ... maybe I would. Oh well, enough about that.


I am currently in the in-between stage of conceiving. Meaning, I just failed my First Response early pregnancy test this morning. Tear ... I am now waiting for my period. I have even tempted fate, and went ahead and wore white pants today. That ought to speed things along. At least it always seems to. With me it never fails ... wear white pants and "Aunt Flo" is sure to visit early.

I have to admit, I am actually OK with getting my period this month. Now, I will have the opportunity to take the new First Response Fertility test. I guess it is supposed to tell you if you are able to get pregnant. I will be able to take that on my third cycle day. I am a bit hesitant about taking it, but am trying to remain optimistic. I will be sure to blog and video blog the whole thing.

Let it be known ... my whole cycle was thrown out of whack after a recent HSG I had. If you don't know what an HSG is, think Roto-Rooter for your fallopian tubes. I went to the hospital's radiology department, sat spread-eagled on a cold table, and allowed the doctor to violate my cervix with a catheter. Once she threaded the catheter through, she flooded my tubes with dye. Taking pictures (X-rays) the whole time. I was lucky enough to have no blockages and no pain with this very quick procedure. I walked out of there feeling like a million bucks. Fast-forward to six hours later, when I was having such bad cramps I felt like I was in labor. After writhing in pain for about 4 hours, I was finally able to go to sleep. Not to deter anyone from this procedure. It was certainly worth it to know I had no blockages. Also ... they say this procedure is therapeutic and often women get pregnant soon after. We'll see.

I am usually a very open person. This experience has forced me to be even more open than usual. I mean, who talks freely about getting her period and the invasive procedures we get?? Not me ... I assure you. However, I have vowed to be as open-book as possible. I know I am not the only woman struggling with this very same thing. Let's struggle and commiserate together.

I have joined the momlogic community and am excited to get to know everyone out there. Feel free to write me and leave messages ... I will write back.

Well, I gotta go for now, but I will write soon.

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Meredith, I feel you honey. Don’t worry about John being camera shy. I’m dealing with the same thing here is SoCal. Kenny has been painfully camera shy. But I am working on him. I want everyone to know that this wonderful person, the man I have spent my entire adult life with, does really exist. He is not just a figment of my and everyone else’s imagination. All the best!!! :)
- Wendy
Posted 05/06/09 09:52 AM
Meredith - I love to read your entries…you are very forward, open and funny. I hope the best for you and look forward to your entries :)
- kim
Posted 05/06/09 02:01 PM
Hey Meredith. Long time no talk! Just wanted to let you know that it’s great to follow you along with this, even through the bumps… Your posts are great, and I’ll be cheering for you all the way. :) —dorian
- Dorian
Posted 05/06/09 02:22 PM
Kim, thanks so much for your comment. I try to be as open and honest as I can. I hope you stay tuned.
- Meredith
Posted 05/06/09 03:21 PM
Dorian, I appriciate your support and that you are following my posts. It sure has been a long time…I think high school since we talked last? Thanks for commenting!
- Meredith
Posted 05/06/09 03:27 PM
- Qujxsgqm
Posted 07/13/09 09:09 PM
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