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I'm Starting All Over Again

Wednesday, June 10, 2009
filed under: Meredith

Meredith: I have been thinking a lot about how my son Austin and my not-yet-conceived baby will get along. 12 years is a mighty big age difference. I hope they have some sort of relationship before Austin goes to college (cringe ... college). I think this second child will feel an awful lot like a first child, with the difference in ages between Austin and baby 2. Time does fly by. My baby, Austin, is starting middle school after summer is over -- I can't believe it. Most of his friends' parents have already had their two or three kids and are done, and I am just starting again. I think about bringing a small child/baby to all of his upcoming events in the future and wonder if it will bother him or not.


I am really excited to start this journey and bring another little one into my life. I do struggle with how it will impact Austin though. I really do not want him to resent a brother or sister. Will he? He has been an only child for so long; will it be a constant struggle? I hope not. I know this large age gap will make it harder for the two of them to form a strong bond. I don't know. Does anyone else have a large age difference with their kids? How did they handle it?

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filed under: Meredith

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Have you asked him how he feels about it? Something tells me he will be just fine.
- Doreen
Posted 06/11/09 03:12 PM
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