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I've Got Good Luck Karma Beads!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009
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Meredith: I am a walking cootie. This past week, I have been miserable with a summer cold/flu and strep throat. I'm not sure if you have ever experienced the fun of going through box after box of Kleenex. (sneeze) Honestly, there is not enough Kleenex on the planet for my condition. Usually, I am not one to whine and complain when I am sick ... I leave that to my husband -- but this sucks. (Pardon me as I blow my nose.)

My husband thankfully has been away on a business trip and has been lucky enough to miss the fun and contamination. However, my son was not as lucky. Usually, he is the germ magnet that brings home the sicknesses -- but not this time. Payback is a bitch. He has just started to show signs of what is sure to be more cold/flu fun. It's never a good sign when he can't even stay awake at summer camp.

I have to say, there is some silver lining -- I am getting closer to the day when I can take my First Response Early Pregnancy Test. Yea!! (cough) If Maria the psychic is right (fingers crossed), I will be pregnant. Otherwise, I am demanding my money back. I have also been using my other magic lucky charms. The Good Luck Karma Beads I got in Chinatown have not left my arm since I got them and I have been speaking to my spirit guides (per Maria) so much lately that some people even think I have "issues." Either way ... sick or not, I have been trying to stay positive. I am positive that I will get pregnant ... if not this month, then soon. Baby dust and Kleenex to one and all!

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