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This Month will be Sexy Time a la John

Wednesday, June 24, 2009
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Meredith:My husband wants to be in charge of this month's sexy time. He thinks he can do it better (get me pregnant). Hasn't he been in the room this whole time? Who have I been copulating with? Maybe he can.

meredith and john

Here's what happened... So, I was a little bummed about not getting pregnant (again) and decided we should have a sit down to discuss. We had just had a semen analysis and determined that John has plenty of swimmers that even know how to go in a straight line. I have gotten pregnant in the past, so we know it's possible. However, I am getting extremely anxious and wanted to discuss our other options. I'm talking IUI and IVF.
Well, John was not having any of that talk. He insists that I have tried it my way and now it's his turn. He really wants to try his method. Now I am not quite sure what his method is, but I am sure it involves a lot of sex. Basically, he told me to tell him when I get my LH surge and he will handle the rest. I am scared, to say the least.

Scared, because I have read that it's best to have sex every other day (during that time) and not more than once a day. He does not care what I have read. He is doing it his way or no way. So what choice do I have? This month will be Sexy Time a la John. I look forward to his method. Hopefully it will work

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Good luck Meredith! Sounds like John is a sweetheart - have fun :)
- Gina
Posted 06/24/09 08:49 AM
Have Fun:))))))
- Melissa
Posted 06/24/09 09:39 AM
Thanks Gina and Melissa for the well wishes! I am surely going to give it a good effort this month. I agree…John is a sweetheart (I’m a little biased though).
- Meredith
Posted 06/24/09 02:09 PM
A friend of mine was trying to get pregnant, so they decided to do it every day she was not on her period. It took them only one month and bam, she was pregnant. My husband and I have been trying for 13 months and no luck. I also have been going by the every-other-day around ovulation theory. I think I may try their method! I just don’t want it to turn into a chore. Good Luck on your babay making. I have my fingers crossed!
- Meghan
Posted 06/24/09 02:41 PM
Hi there! I have been following your story, and wanted to let you know that doing the deed every day during your fertile time is not a bad thing, especially if your husband has good swimmers :-) I believe the every other day rule is more for people who have lower sperm counts and need to “store up”, so don’t be afraid to try sex every day you’re fertile! This advice, of course, is based on my own experiences (JUST what you need to hear more of, right?) and extensive google-ing, so check into it for yourself, but don’t be afraid if that’s what John is proposing!
- Sara
Posted 06/24/09 03:40 PM
HI there I’m in the exact same boat you are.. I have a 4 year old DH and have been trying for #2 for 5 months now .. This cycle we’re going for every day, we’ve done the every other day thing and I’m fed up! Good Luck to you!!!
- Ninda
Posted 06/27/09 05:40 AM
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