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Two Weeks Since I Peed on a Stick

Thursday, June 18, 2009
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Meredith: My husband's home, my son's sick, and lookie lookie -- a surprise. Yes, my wonderful husband got back from his weeklong business trip and I was so glad to have him home. It gets lonely without him. There is no one to nag or cuddle with. It's always especially nice to have him around when I am sick. He is a superstar when it comes to babying me when I am not feeling 100%. This is just one of the reasons I think he will be an amazing dad. Poor John had a really long flight from L.A. to Florida, and when he got home, he noticed the air conditioning was not working. Funny ... I didn't notice the air not working. I am going to chalk that up to being sick and running hot and cold constantly. John, who is an engineer, quickly fixed the problem. What a good man.


My kid, Austin, was sick the last of the week and into the weekend. Poor little guy was miserable. I think he must have sat in front of the TV for 20 hours over the past few days and drank more than 2 gallons of Gatorade. He is finally feeling better and so am I. Thank goodness!

So, I was hoping the weekend would fly by so I could take my First Response Early Pregnancy Test on Monday. It's been what ... almost two weeks since I have peed on a stick. I was starting to get withdrawal from lack of pee sticks. But, similar to last month, the man upstairs had a different plan. I got my period on Saturday. That's right ... two days before I was supposed to test and 7 days before I was even supposed to get my period. Obviously, it will not be necessary to test for pregnancy. What is going on? Was it because my body was sick and stressed? Ugggggh!! I have to say, I have been trying for about a year now and still no luck. Until lately, I would say that my cycles were pretty regular. Every 28 days like clockwork. But now ... they are 20- and 21-day cycles. What is happening to my body?!?

After I got past my initial shock of getting my period, I admittedly moped for a little bit. Who doesn't when they get their period? However, I am happy to report I snapped out of my down mood rather quickly and am set to start trying again this month. So, the psychic was WRONG, my Good Luck Karma Beads did not work, and acupuncture wasn't my miracle anti-drug. So what now? What has worked for you? I'm talking positions, old wives' tales, and the unusual. I want to know what others have done that has worked. I am willing to try anything.

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Try body temping using every morning at the same time. Before ovulation the body temperature is lower and when it is about to ovulate it spikes up about 0.4 degrees at least three days in a row. It’s worked for me. Ovulation can happen anytime whether you are regular or not. This method has helped me tremendously. Try Fertility Friend or babymed to track your body temp and sex activities. You want to have sex couple days before the temperature rise, the day of,and a few days after. Good Luck!
- Anonymous
Posted 06/20/09 02:56 AM
You might want to go ahead and pee on that stick just in case. I have read where some women think they are getting their period, but really it’s just break through bleeding from the pregnancy, and then they go the long 9 months without knowing they are pregnent! I am always over plaining anyway, but I would pee on that stick just to be on the safe side.
- Jen
Posted 06/20/09 11:56 PM
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