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What's Happening to My Body?!

Thursday, June 25, 2009
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Meredith: So, I was hoping the weekend would fly by so I could take my First Response Early Pregnancy Test on Monday. It's been what ... almost two weeks since I have peed on a stick?! I was starting to get withdrawal from lack of pee sticks. But, similar to last month, the man upstairs had a different plan. I got my period on Saturday.

That's right ... two days before I was supposed to test and seven days before I was even supposed to get my period. Obviously, it will not be necessary to test for pregnancy. What is going on? Was it because my body was sick and stressed? Ugggggh!! I have to say, I have been trying for about a year now and still no luck. Until lately, I would say that my cycles were pretty regular. Every 28 days like clockwork. But now ... they are 20- and 21-day cycles. What is happening to my body?!?

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does anyone thinks its funny that she is technically driving while filming this video? LOL Anyway I am with her though this not getting prego thing sucks
- Crystal
Posted 06/25/09 09:21 AM
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