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I'm Ready -- But My Body's Not!

Monday, July 6, 2009
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Wendy: We did everything we were supposed to do up to this point, and still nothing. I have tried to make it a fun process for myself and Kenny, but this is no fun.

The day after ... I should have known not to expect too much from the very beginning. I did exactly what I didn't want to do -- I set myself up for huge disappointment. You know what's so insane about all of this is that I was a true optimist, and this one quality of optimism that I love to impress everyone I know with has been shaken to the core.

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Wendy, Sorry to hear that this process is taking longer than you expected. I was in the same situation last year. I got extremely anxious. I did see a reproductive endocrinologist whose job is to investigate what is going on. Perhaps you may consider getting a referral to one from your ob/gyn. They do a battery of tests including flushing out your tubes (YIKES!)and sperm analysis. I did get pregnant on my own but it was good to be under the care of a professional. Good luck.
- Gigohead
Posted 07/07/09 09:54 AM
Gigohead, I’m holding out on seeing a fertility doc with the expectation that I will be pleasantly surprised naturally & soon.
- Wendy
Posted 07/08/09 02:00 PM
We have been trying for 20 months now, and so far nothing… we finally decided to go to the doctor and are just beginning all of the blood work, semen analysis, and I just had an HSG done. It really stinks because, like you, I was very optimistic @ the beginning and thought for sure that we’d get pregnant quickly and easily on our own, especially since we are both very young (22), and that we wouldn’t need a doctor to help us. But now I’m realizing that God is growing me (and my husband), and He has everything under control, even tho it’s not the way I wanted it @ ALL.. :( :) I hope you won’t have to see a doctor (unless it’s for your prenatal visits!!:) ) but if you do, just remember that God can use that as a tool to help you get pregnant, too!!! Oh, yes, I also wanted to say.. WOW you do NOT look like you are 38!!!! You are so beautiful and young looking, and I mean that in a strictly non-creepy sort of way! :)
- Liss
Posted 07/10/09 03:01 PM
Hey Liss, you’re so sweet. I can tell you that having an amazing husband is great wrinkle control even with all the challenges and drama we all have in our lives. Thank you so much for reminding me that not everything is in my control. Take care!!
- Wendy
Posted 07/10/09 04:53 PM
Don’t give up, is exactly what you do!
- Brandye
Posted 07/12/09 07:22 PM
Brandye,we won’t give up. Thank you!
- Wendy
Posted 07/13/09 10:58 PM
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