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Open Letter to Jon and Kate

jon and kate gosselin

Single parenthood can be daunting -- especially when you willingly live your life in the media glare. We'd love to offer Jon and Kate some advice as they go their separate ways.


Kate's Diabolical Divorce Plan?

Wow -- this is a mess! The Associated Press blasted all over the wires that the Gosselins have been living apart for at least two years -- but they're wrong! Now, TMZ has the real story.


Jon and Kate File for Divorce

jon and kate gosselin file for divorce

The 10-year marriage of Jon and Kate Gosselin is officially kaput.


Your Child Is Not a Paycheck

child with a piggy bank

We've all heard about the "deadbeat dads" who deserve every bit of the bad rap they get, so this week I decided to take a closer look at how child support guidelines are determined, where the flaws are, and whether or not they are fair. Here's what you need to know.


I've Lost 20 Pounds Since He Left Me!

I talked to my soon-to-be ex the other day about some of the details of the divorce. He seemed so nonchalant about everything. He kept asking me questions.

Overwhelmed, Underdressed, and On the Run

couple disagreeing

Last weekend, I hid from my kids. And my "wasband," actually.


Just a Guy Who Didn't Understand Divorce

man by himself

There are things in life we expect, and then there are those occasional times when we just get slammed. Early in my divorce was one of those OMG times when my wife had disappeared, the boys and I were trying to figure out what was next, and the lawyers were circling like vultures.


Obama's Marriage is a Good Thing for All of Us

Barack and Michelle Obama

Seeing the First Couple going out on a date night is a good thing for all of us who are married and struggling to maintain connected happy relationships -- all while managing the chaos of work and family.