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Mother's Day Ended My Marriage

husband and wife mad at each other

Mother's Day this year will go down in history as my absolute worst.


Jon and Kate: Descent into Divorce

jon and kate renewing vows

I have worked with enough couples and heard enough stories to know when I am witnessing the downward spiral of negativity and criticism, and the descent into divorce. Unfortunately, this is what I have seen with Jon and Kate.


Should You Be Afraid of a Prenup?

wedding cake couple with lawyer

With wedding season quickly approaching and new high-profile divorces every other day, I thought it was high time we discuss prenuptial agreements in the momlogic forum. This week, I consulted with a very prominent family law attorney in Beverly Hills to help me answer the question: Should we be afraid of prenups?


An Open Letter to John Edwards' Mistress

rielle hunter and senator john edwards

I tried to turn my head from the recent gossip about you -- but failed.


Inoculate Your Marriage Against An Affair

As we know, affairs are truly a symptom of an unhealthy and unfulfilled marriage. One way to help inoculate your marriage against affairs is to keep your sex life and physical intimacy a priority. For some couples, sex is not even on the list after having kids.


Why Divorce Isn't Always the Answer

ryan seacrest

Momlogic's Jackie got steaming mad when Ryan Seacrest told a married father of four, who claimed he was in an emotionally abusive marriage, to leave his wife. Here's what a relationship expert has to say.


Is Divorce Deadly?

This week in Colorado, a man murdered his ex-wife, then killed himself with a shotgun blast. In Texas, a man killed his estranged wife then himself on an Army base. In Washington, a man whose wife was leaving him shot and killed five of his children in their mobile home before taking his own life. And in Alabama, a man sought in the killings of his estranged wife and three others was found dead Tuesday. What is going on here?


Woman Divorces Husband for Cleaning too Much

Yahoo.com: A German woman has divorced her husband because she was fed up with him cleaning all the time.