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Divorce: Should You Lie to the Kids?

family at the beach

Juliet and her husband split seven months ago -- but they have decided against telling their daughter, 9, and son, 7. Is this OK?


'Cyrus': Finally, a Movie About a Single Mom!

I was thrilled to hear that a genuine, real film about a dating single mom was going big. (Because we ARE mainstream, after all!)


Divorce Dialogues: 'I Hope I'm a Better Dad Now'

father and son holding hands

James F. is a Connecticut-based dad who works in commercial real estate. He has been married twice and divorced twice. He has three boys -- a stepson and two sons -- from his second marriage. His boys are 20, 14 and 9.


Joint Custody Gave Me More 'Me Time'

I was able to do things I hadn't been able to in years. I could go to a yoga class without calling a sitter! I found myself so recharged and refreshed that when I was reunited with my kids each week, their homecoming was that much sweeter.


Why Did Kyron Horman's Dad Get a Restraining Order Against Wife?

Terri Moulton Horman

Per the restraining order, she is prevented from having contact with her children and must relinquish firearms. While the relinquishment of firearms may seem rather standard, the prevention of interacting with children is highly specific -- and highly unusual.


Elizabeth Edwards on Rielle Hunter, Sandra Bullock and Co-Parenting

Elizabeth Edwards

In her first television interview since separating from husband John Edwards, Elizabeth Edwards addressed his affair and relationship with Rielle Hunter.


Confessions of a New Stepmom

Confessions of a Stepmom

A bomb went off the day my husband gave a courtesy call to his ex-wife to tell her we were getting married. After several years of dating long distance, he put a ring on it and I ventured cross-country for love -- and, apparently, for an involuntary starring role in "The War of the Roses, Part 2."


Three Things Eliot Spitzer Taught Us

eliot spitzer

Eliot Spitzer is back -- and he's going to be on primetime TV. Apparently, hypocritical scumbags are well-qualified to discuss politics. After all, Spitzer taught us so much when he was in the news before ....