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What I Wish I Would Have Known BEFORE My Divorce

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I was sitting on a park bench with some friends of mine (both married with kids), updating them about my divorce. I placed a lot of the blame for my unhappiness squarely on my now-ex-husband's shoulders. But it wasn't all his fault.


Diving In after Divorce

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Over the years, I've had a major fixation with surfers -- blond hair, long hair, serious tans, "dude" and all -- but I never did too much in the water myself. Then I married a man who epitomized a non-surfer. Yes, I had given myself a powerful surfer exorcism. Years later, in the middle of my divorce, it seemed like everything was topsy-turvy. But finally, all that uncertainty was what pushed me into the water -- and onto a board.


Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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A recent report has shown that since the recession began, the divorce rate in America has dropped to the lowest it's been in 30 years. Divorce is an expensive business, so cash-strapped couples are apparently taking a closer look at their relationship flaws and asking themselves if their marriage is "good enough" to justify staying. If you are in that situation, here are five questions to ask yourself before you tear your family in half.


Divorce's Shocking Effects on Children

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Even if kids are too young to understand exactly what is going on during a divorce, the effects on their health and well-being are profound. These statistics on children and divorce will shock you.


Outrage: Deadly Custody Ruling

stephen garcia and wyatt
We first told you about the murder-suicide of a 9-month-old boy and his father that had tragically been posted on Facebook. Now there is outrage over the judge's ruling in the contentious custody battle.


Is Your Husband Being Financially Unfaithful?

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Does your husband keep a separate safe deposit box? Do the family's financial statements get mailed to his office address? Is he an ATM junkie? If so, there's a chance your husband could be stepping out on you with the family money.


How Tiger's Apology Expedited My Divorce

tiger woods

Tiger Woods' public apology made me file for divorce. My husband actually used it as an example of what a cheating harlot (that would be me) should do. That was the straw that broke my marital camel's back.


Should Elin Woods Take the Money and Run?

elin woods

The latest reports on the Tiger Woods saga/drama are that wife, Elin, has just returned from visiting with her share-the-wealth hubby in sex rehab. And now she has decided NOT to file for divorce.