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dr. nina shapiro

Weighing the Risk of CT Scans

man getting a ct scan

Could getting a CT scan bring you more harm than good?


The ADHD-Sleep Connection

sleepy ten year old boy

We all know that we should get our zzzsss ... and so should our kids. If a good night's sleep means daytime focus, better behavior, and even better grades, does a bad night's sleep mean lack of focus, poor behavior, poor grades ... or even ADHD?


One Swine Flu Shot or Two?

child getting vaccinated

So, maybe you have a kid under 10 years old, and maybe you've somehow gotten them the swine flu vaccine. Is that good enough? Are they now immune to developing swine flu? Well, the jury is out on that, and the powers that be differ in their recommendations.


'Tis the Season ... for Nosebleeds?

boy having nosebleed

Holiday shopping, vacation planning, school holiday pageants ... and nosebleeds? Definitely NOT one of my favorite things. Learn what you can do to stop the bloodworks from happening.


My Child Is Having Surgery

mom looking at her son

Once you've made that decision to schedule surgery for your kid, take a few steps back and make some plans to take care of yourself -- in order to take care of your child.


Swine Flu Shot Guilt

woman getting swine flu vaccine

My mother, who lives 3,000 miles away, actually felt guilty because she had gotten the swine flu shot when I hadn't. I couldn't understand the absurdity of her feeling guilty for getting the shot. Until I got mine.


We Really Haven't Come a Long Way, Baby

mom leaving husband and baby for work

Headlines in all the major magazines and websites are stating that women are now the primary breadwinners of the household, earning more than their mates. Is this a good thing? My question is, have women really surpassed men on the career front?


Cleaner Air, Fewer Ear Infections?

Girl having ear examined
Everyone knows that air pollution is bad for you and your child's health. It can lead to chronic respiratory problems such as asthma, as well as hay fever, eye irritation, and heart disease. But now ear infections have been linked with pollution as well.