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dr. nina shapiro

Give Me Your Tonsils, Give Me Your Money

President Obama's comment during his press conference on the health care crisis has raised some eyebrows, including mine.


Reading This May Save Your Child's Life!

child choking
Every five days in the U.S. alone, a child dies from choking on food. We've all fed our kids food from this official list of choking hazards -- but it's not worth the risk.


Summer's Here! Swimmer's Ear!

kids jumping into the swimming pool

Summer season has officially begun! Even in the northern states, layers are being shed and people are hitting the pools, oceans, lakes, and hot tubs. A seasonal nuisance both kids and adults experience is swimmer's ear (technically called "otitis externa," or "outer ear infection").


Is Zicam Hazardous to Your Health?

zicam cold remedy swabs

Many homeopathic products like Zicam are not undergoing the rigorous review required by conventional therapies to gain FDA approval. Pediatric ENT, Dr. Nina Shapiro, gives us the bottom line.


The Ear Infection Controversy

child having ears examined

Millions of children visit the doctor each year for an ear infection. This translates to even more millions of antibiotics being prescribed for these infections. Are they safe?


Does Your Child Snore?

Most of us, at some point, have nudged, kicked, or ever so gently pushed our bed partner out of bed because of snoring. In adults, snoring is mostly annoying to the person hearing it ... but did you know that children who snore might have a serious problem?