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dr. sophia grant

Neglecting the 'Me' in Me Time

tired woman

I never needed to be coiffed routinely or waxed and massaged, but I did take care of myself. I did try to take care of myself and look attractive, work out, blah, blah. Now, just coming home, fixing dinner (sometimes) and dealing with the family is all I can handle. What the heck happened?!


Salute Sergeant Mom

mom in military gear

Have you ever felt like a drill sergeant in your own home? I do. My own voice gets on my nerves. My children have turned me into a nagger. I've heard of women who never have to raise their voice at their kids, and I just don't live in that happy, Stepford world.


Birth on a Plane?! Try a Car!

The story last week about the woman who birthed on the plane made me experience my own birthing flashback. My sister delivered my baby. This story would make sense if she were a doctor.